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Pope Francis met with Scientists in Rome Honoring Fr. Georges LeMaitre, Father of the "Big Bang" Theory. 
Excerpts from His Holiness' address to the group:

"As both a Catholic priest and a cosmologist, Mgr Georges Lemaître knew well the creative tension between faith and science, and always defended the clear methodological distinction between the fields of science and theology. While integrating them in his own life, he viewed them as distinct areas of competence.

I am deeply appreciative of your work, and I encourage you to persevere in your search for truth. For we ought never to fear truth, nor become trapped in our own preconceived ideas, but welcome new scientific discoveries with an attitude of humility. As we journey towards the frontiers of human knowledge, it is indeed possible to have an authentic experience of the Lord, one which is capable of filling our hearts." 
Have you seen the Online Library and the Blog?
  We’ve gathered on this web site a selection of hundreds of articles, videos, and audio files on the topic of Faith and Science, for the use of Catholic educators and educated Catholics, produced by members of the Vatican Observatory with the support of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. 
What's Up at the Observatory? 
The Frye Fire on Mt. Graham came terribly close to the VATT in June. As soon as it was safe Fr. Paul Gabor inspected the telescope - read his account on the blog.
Faith and Astronomy Workshop attendee shared her passion in Long Island.

After spending a week at the Vatican Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, Rosemary Meehan was inspired to share the beauty of the night sky with students and parents at Maria Regina School in Seaford, New Jersey. Meehan, a science teacher at Maria Regina, organized the event with the Amateur Observers Society of New York so students could explore the glory of God’s created universe by looking upward through telescopes and also learn of the rich relationship between the Church and science. (excerpt from The Long Island Catholic)
Photo by Ed Casey 
VOF hits the road.....
Friends and colleagues of Jesuit missions around the world, including the VOF met at the WUJA conference in Cleveland. Representatives from 30 countries gathered to share insight and discuss the future of Jesuit education. Photo shows the group listening to Arturo Sosa, S.J.,Father General of the Society.
In Tucson Paul Gabor, S.J., chats with Space Fest attendees after showing them displays demonstrating the size of our solar system compared to Trappist 1, and the difference between volume and density using meteorites at the VOF exhibit.

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Blessings and.... Clear Skies!

Brother Guy

Thanks to Santa Clara University for a Doctor of Science  honorary degree 
presented at the June undergraduate commencement.
Photo of Br. Guy with Dr. Phil Kenten. 

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