Celebrating Woman Power
YPL Posting - Scorpio Issue  

For this sign of the zodiac, I'm departing from my usual informational postings to pay homage to and  celebrate feminine energy...Woman Power.


I join with those who have dubbed this as the Magdalene Century, the era when matriarchal societies re-emerge or, hopefully, merge with patriarchal societies and create one co-equal order.


Women have, of course, excelled in the sport and entertainment sectors for some time.  Now, however, their power is evidenced in the political arena with the most influential leader in Western Europe being a woman, female presidents running several South America countries and, soon, perhaps, one will be elected in North America, as well.  In the financial world, the U.S. economy is being governed by a woman, as is the International Monetary Fund and Israel's central bank.


Yet, in most of the world, patriarchal religions have kept women subjugated and relegated to secondary status.  So, there is still much work to be done.


Fortunately, I see more good news on the horizon.


As I mentioned in one of my past postings, Angelic Entities have been incarnating to help humanity survive what could become global chaos.  As a result of my work and activities, I have identified and even worked with a baker's dozen of them, 85% of whom are women.  And, it's been a privilege to be able to provide some with what I call their "Harry-Potter-Moment" of identity awareness. 


Most are fairly young and are still developing their sense of purpose, although one has, already, created an award-winning documentary film on Earth's most precious compound.


There is, also, a group of Elemental Spirits...water, air, earth and fire spirits..., who have incarnated to help humanity.  I have met with or identified a few dozen of these, as well, and 90% are women. 


Some of these individuals are well-advanced in their work.  One lives on for having created a free-form dance/movement/meditation practice in which tens of thousands of people participate around the globe, annually.  Another is a MacArthur "Genius Grant" artist whose unique and clever vision is exhibited in museums, internationally.  Still another is able to heal illnesses with a simple touch.  And, now, one has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.     


So, bottom line, Woman Power has been taken to an amazing new level with these supra women.  And, more are on the way!


What's the takeaway for you men?  I suggest you lose your fear of women.  Honor, respect, protect and partner with them.  That's how you will keep your relevance.


As for you women, I suggest you might benefit by learning/practicing, within sisterhood, the more male-honed traits of camaraderie and mutual support.  And, lose your fear of everything.  It's your time!



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