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Issue 5 -  June  2016 


Here a bit about the Author Talk at 1pm on 2nd Satuday:

An Artist's Dream, an Engineer's Nightmare - Join Author Peg Willis at WAAAM June 11 for a Talk on the Historic Columbia River Highway.

When nine-hundred-foot ice age floods carved the Columbia River Gorge through the Cascade Mountains to the sea, little space was left for man to form a highway of his own. It took an artist-poet-engineer extraordinaire to conquer this reluctant piece of real estate and produce the nation's first scenic highway. In addition to some lesser known heroes of the day, you'll meet Sam Hill, the mover and shaker, and Samuel Lancaster, the polio survivor, who turned modern engineering on its ear to create a "poem in stone." Today, Oregon's historic Columbia River Highway is hidden among the trees, where it meanders past spectacular waterfalls and dramatic views. Ride along with Peg Willis as she explores the beginnings of this miracle highway and the men who created it.

Here's the Full Schedule: 

9 - Museum Opens    
Veterans and Seniors always get a discount at WAAAM

Kids of all ages can work on the "Rock Candy Road." This is a fun way to think about road building and all the hard work it took to keep the landscape in mind when they were constructing the Historic Columbia River Highway (America's first planned scenic highway).

10-2 - ACTION! - Flying and Driving.  
From 10am - 2pm.  
See 'em fly.  See 'em driving.  You might even get a chance to ride in an antique car or board an old airplane! 

11-1 - Lunch!  Served from 11 to 1.

11 - Restoration Shop Tour  (Your Only Chance to see the shop this Saturday).
Tour the hidden places at WAAAM and see how boxes of miscellaneous junk and rusty old parts are turned magically (add lots of elbow grease) into beautifully restored pieces of art.  

12 Noon - Tour the big Caboose

1 - PEG WILLIS, Author, Speaks on the subject of her book: The Historic Columbia River Highway and its monumental construction.

5 - Museum Closes  
Come again - WAAAM is open 362 days a year!

Keep on learning... every day!

Sign up for the 5th Annual WAAAM Traffic Jam!

The event is open year, open class, open - you love it we love it - open! 

Remember, you get a discount when you pre-register early. :)  

You can also print the posters out to pass out to your friends, look at the event schedule, or pick up both in hard copy format at WAAAM. 
If everyone just put out one poster where they hang out we'd cover the town, and the surrounding towns, and maybe even the Portland-Metro area! (That's our way of saying we've got lots of posters.)

WAAAM Car Guys* 
"Monthly Smoke Signals!"

NEW BUILDING DEDICATED:                       
On May 20, after the WAAAM monthly pot luck dinner, we had a "surprise Car Guys building dedication" to Andy Anderson and Gene Wright.

As you can see, these two dedicated Car Guys were enjoying the moment and the words on the plaque reflect how much they are loved by all of us at WAAAM.

It sure is nice to have our new garage where minor repairs can be made in spite of the interior in need of completion.   We are still raising money to complete the interior.

We held our first class of "How to Drive a Model-T" for 2016, on May 28 and had a full class of 10 students, who are now newly minted WAAAM Model-T drivers!

On June 4, we held our first, brand new class entitled "Cars of the 30s". There were 10 students in attendance and aside from the hot weather, we had four 1930 era cars running for the students to drive and experience the differences between vehicles.

On July 2, we are offering another new car class, "Cars of the 40's" and on August 6, "Cars of the 50's".  These new classes, like the "Cars of the 30s class, focus on the auto industry, advancements and changes in the automobile during these decades. Make sure you register for these classes ASAP, to not miss a fun opportunity.  

All class funds earned by the Car Guys goes directly to help pay for maintaining the WAAAM owned, donated or willed fleet of vehicles. Our volunteers do it all!

Second Saturday is quickly approaching and The Car Guys will be giving free car rides from 10 am to 2 pm.

The photo car for June will be our 1966 Chevrolet Corvette. Don't forget to have your photo taken each month in a different WAAAM "photo car". 


*used in plural to refer to the members of a group 
regardless of sex <saw her and the rest of the guys>

Introducing our 
1960 Pontiac Catalina Custom Coupe

Here at WAAAM we want to show the many sides of airplanes and automobiles. This new automobile fills a gap that it was high time we fixed. At WAAAM you can see all original, never been restored cars that somehow still run. You can see beautifully restored cars that look like they drove off the show room floor just yesterday. We've even got a few rat rods that run even when it looks like they are held together with creativity and barbed wire. Welcome to the family - WAAAM's 1960 Pontiac Catalina Custom Coupe.

Now we have a custom hot rod to help tell the story of automobiles. 

Become a "Car Guy (or Gal)" Volunteer:

The Car Guys are actively seeking volunteers to join our team. (Guys or Gals) 

We have a need for volunteers to do basic auto maintenance, upholstery, wood body, metal body, fabrication, electrical, mechanical and grant writing.

Studebaker is on its way to get a new top!

In addition, we need car ride drivers for all Second Saturday events, parades, cruise boat guests and special events. Also, WAAAM car ride hosts to load/unload people.

To become a WAAAM Car Guy Volunteer please contact  Stephanie Hatch, at stephanie@waaamuseum.org.  
Thank you,
Dale Nicol
Visitor Quote:

"This is the best place I've ever been!" 

- Anthony, age 9, from Montana

Way to go! Anthony.  We feel the same way!

Judy Newman 
Judy Newman
Director of WAAAM.  

This was a HUGE month of milestones for WAAAM.
We flew 4 - mark it - 4 first flights (since restoration) aircraft. You already heard a bit about the 1925 WACO Nine that we flew on May 1 which was covered in the last newsletter; but we also flew our 1930 WACO Primary Glider, 1935 Franklin PS-2 Glider and...drum roll please...
The 1933 Stearman Model 70!!!! (See the photo below)
We flew the Stearman 70 on the very last day of May. This one-and-only airplane is the prototype of the Stearman Model 75 "Kaydet" series of biplane trainers, an icon of aviation. 

The Founder of WAAAM, Terry Brandt, and the now-retired Aircraft Restorations Director, Tom Murphy, spent many years tracking down all the parts of this airplane after a pick-and-pull yard parted it out not knowing the airplane's history. Nearly all of the missing pieces were found, and using the few photographs of the airplane that we had, (there were no blueprints for the airplane made), the WAAAM restoration shop meticulously restored it to airworthy condition. It has taken forever and a day to get back to flying condition but we did it! 

As usual with first flights we didn't tell anyone but somehow quite the crowd showed up to watch the proceedings.      Photos: https://www.facebook.com/WAAAMuseum/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154198796163544 Video: https://youtu.be/dHQ1bjqc0qY Also see attached.

It is always a momentous occasion when any of WAAAM's airplanes first flies after restoration; but this one was truly a flight for the history books. Nearly every history book that talks about the Stearman Aircraft Company (during the interwar period and WWII) mentions this airplane specifically).

The brand new WAAAM car building has officially been dedicated by our crew of intrepid volunteers. While the outside is done we are still fundraising to make the inside the best that it can be to keep the WAAAM fleet up and running for future generations to enjoy. (People can even donate via Paypal if they want or even use Amazon Smile when they buy things on the internet - every little bit helps.)

As for the big building update: "M4" 
- it's still right on schedule with an ETA opening of the beginning of September 2016! The holes in the ground are being prepped for the massive beams that will keep our building up.

Fortunately, just like we promised, the constriction is not impacting the action during our events like Second Saturday.

Flying High!

A beautiful photo of the Stearman 70 in flight. Credit goes to photographer Rick Brown for doing an outstanding job of snapping the Stearman with beautiful Mt. Hood in the background.  

We are working on the 1927 Swallow engine test run and installation, also, and continuing on the fabric work on the Stearman 75.

Come by when we do the shop tour on Second Saturday and we'll show you what we're currently working on.  Below is a picture of the Stinson Reliant, whose engine just got back and is being installed.

Only A Few Spaces Left In The 
"Learn How to 
Drive a  Model-T  Ford" Classes

If you want to learn how to drive a Model T Ford sign up soon! There are
only a few spaces left in August and September (June and July are totally full). 

The 1930s Driving Through the Decades Class was a big hit. If you want to drive some of WAAAM's 1930s cars and learn all about what makes them unique you'll have your chance, again, next year. 

If the 1940s or 1950s are more your style sign up now for those classes before they fill up
The 1940s class will take place in July and the 1950s class will take place in August.

You, too, can get behind the wheel and drive into history at WAAAM!

Money earned from these classes goes to maintaining our fleet of WAAAM owned vehicles.

Shop the Museum Store
(no admission required to shop) 

Peg Willis' book, 
Beautiful collector's mugs of the Historic Highway are now available in our gift shop.

 Pick them up in the WAAAM Gift Shop Today!  

They make great gifts for Father's Day, or any other day for that matter!

Plenty of more ideas for gifts:  
DVD's, Books, Calendars, Glassware, Wine, Clothing, Hats, Puzzles, Toys, Admission Passes, Memberships/ Annual Pass,  Model T Driving School, and much more
The gift shop is loaded to the brim with new products.

WAAAM Members receive a 10% discount

It's Happening Here

June 11
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight:
100th Anniversary of the 
Columbia River Hwy

June 25
Limited space

July 2 
Driving through the Decades 
Class info- limited space 

July 9
Second Saturday
5th Annual WAAAM
Traffic Jam
Car Show & Swap Meet
-WAAAM Style-
July 11-14
Aviation Camp for Kids

July 11-14
Aviation Camp for Kids

J uly 23
Limited space

August 6
Driving through the Decades 1950s 
Class info- limited space 

August 13
Second Saturday
Motorcycles!! Ride On

August 27
Limited space

September 10
Second Saturday
Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 10 & 11
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Year of the Stearman

September 17 
Inter national Model A Day

September 24th
Limited space

October 8
Second Saturday
The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
Second Saturday
Military Uniforms

November 24
Thanksgiving Day
Museum is Closed Today

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas during Wartime-
Keeping the home fires burning

December 25
Christmas Day
Museum is Closed Today


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Enjoy all that WAAAM has to offer for a full year,  

and show your support, too.


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