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 Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Paul Leon Masters   

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Paul Leon Masters

 A Message from Michelle Angela Behr     

January 10th marks the one year anniversary of our beloved Founder, Dr. Paul Leon Masters' transition to the other side. On behalf of the board of directors and university staff, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their words of encouragement and support during this time of adjustment. Your support has meant so much. Special thanks go out to our May 2016 IMM Convention attendees who participated in our first convention and graduation without Dr. Masters. It was a heartfelt and special time for us all.

Dr. Masters dedicated his life to service and devoted 56 years to higher consciousness research and education. It was his desire and commitment that his teachings would be affordable and available to any person in need of them. He planned for his teachings to continue on long after his passing. We are passionately committed to fulfilling Dr. Masters' wish that his students and graduates continue their ministries through their loving actions and service, and that the integrity of his teachings are maintained and preserved for future generations to follow.

In honor of Dr. Masters' life's work and in support of the continuation and expansion of his legacy, we have the pleasure and privilege of detailing what you can expect to see in the coming year.

Timeless Wisdom Series: Never before released audio lectures by Dr. Masters, which span 30 years and cover a variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics. The pearls of wisdom contained within these lectures are timeless.

-  Never before released video lectures by Dr. Masters, which span 40 years. These include lectures and meditation workshops conducted at the Metaphysics Institute in Los Angeles, dating back to 1976.

-  The publication of Meditation Dynamics, which follows Dr. Masters' book, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown.

-  The publication of affirmation booklets, featuring the affirmations from Dr. Masters' Improve Your Life Inspirational Lectures.

-  The promotion and expansion of the University of Sedona Radio Station, KUOS 92.1.FM, now available to a worldwide internet audience.

-  The expansion of to include a gateway to member-provided services and products.

The release of the new material will not only provide a solid foundation to keep the spirit of Dr. Masters' legacy alive, but equally as important, will empower university staff with the opportunity to pass the baton over to the next generation of staff, and for our members to pass the baton on to the next generation of light workers.

In conclusion, the continuation of Dr. Masters' legacy would not be possible without your continued support and your dedication to living the example of his teachings. You carry a beacon of light wherever you go, and this helps bring hope and love to a world in desperate need of it.

Thank you for the difference you make and your contribution toward the betterment of humanity.

With our gratitude and blessings,
Rev. Michelle Angela Behr
Serving you so you can help serve others
CEO/ Chairman Board of Directors
International Metaphysical Ministry
University of Metaphysics
University of Sedona
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