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Celebrating the New Voices of Our Future!

Voices of Our Future

� UN Photo/Martine Perret

Over the past five months, thirty courageous women have undertaken a journey of empowerment to become loudspeakers for their communities. Equipped with new skills in citizen journalism and social media they have overcome political uprising and violence in Yemen and the Ivory Coast, faced flooding in Saudi Arabia, power outages and bad internet connections----all to speak their truths from forgotten regions of the world and present their visions for change. Read their stories below and find out more about our Voices of Our Future program.

World Pulse Live: October 2011

Meet the correspondents on our media and speaking tour.

We are thrilled to announce three brave correspondents who will be inspiring audiences across the US this fall: Martha Llano of Colombia, Sarvina Kang of Cambodia, and Shekina of Cameroon.

You will have the chance to interact with these powerful grassroots women leaders as they speak out in 5 North American cites. You will also connect with the brightest minds in the women's empowerment movement, World Pulse community members, and local leaders.

Stay tuned for further details this summer!
Sunita Basnet speaks

Sunita Basnet of Nepal speaks at a World Pulse Live event in 2010

Inside Voices of Our Future

Farona Women Behind Walls

Saudi activist Farona resists restrictions on her freedom, insisting that women's participation in public life is not only a right, but a necessity for her country's development.

"Men fear women in public space more than the devil."»

Shekina Mama Hates My Sprouting Breasts

Breast ironing, a violent attempt to prevent the sexual development of adolescent girls, has scarred the bodies and psyches of millions of girls in Cameroon. Chi Yvonne Leina reports.

"Think of a woman whose vagina is mutilated at the age of 9, whose breasts were ironed at the age of 10..."»

Iffat Gill Dangerous Texting

Youth activist Iffat Gill warns that the culture in Pakistan needs to catch up with technological freedoms of the digital age----or young lives will be at risk.

"If steps are not taken to allow interaction within the existing set of social, cultural, and religious norms of Pakistani society, a violent change might be imminent."»

Nilima Driving with Dignity

In Nepal, female taxi drivers are getting behind the wheel of own lives----and shaking up gender stereotypes in the process.

"I can proudly say that I am the man of the house" - Sita Thapa, female taxi driver»

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