It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
~Lewis Grizzard

Sending a special thank you to our customers! We have enjoyed seeing each and every one of you. We enjoy your enthusiasm and love of gardening. The staff appreciates your kind words, emails, online reviews and especially your good humour and patience during this incredibly busy time.

Welcome to our Tomato Festival this Saturday. We are celebrating everything about this fruit - and yes, it is a fruit! Stock up on fertilizers, tools of the trade and information on how to grow the best tomatoes in your garden. Short on space? We have containers ready for your favourite tomato or veggies. Why do we grow them? It's the taste of a sun-warmed, vine ripened fruit that will win you over!   Sales

Growing Successful Tomatoes
Garden Fresh
Tomatoes are one of the most sought after plants in the spring. They can be grown anywhere; from fields, to small gardens, to containers, to balconies, to hanging baskets.

Are you looking for tomatoes? You've come to the right place. We have some tips and tricks to help you grow a bountiful harvest this year!

Actisol Pure Hen Manure 5-3-2
1.3 kg
- for vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs and evergreens, flowers, flowerbeds, bulbs and lawns
- natural, first quality fertilizer: no filling, sludge or synthetic products added
- Pure Hen Manure: dehydrated and granulated, containing a minimum of 90% dry matter
- efficient for all types of plants
- rich in calcium: an essential element for plant cell division and growth
- this fertilizer is approved for use in organic production

Available at the Dufferin Garden Centre, on sale this week Regular $9.99, NOW $7.88

Actisol Tomatoes and Vegetables Organic Fertilizer 4-6-8
1.5 kg
- fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, carrots, beans, etc
- enhances fruit production
- improves plant resistance to diseases and water stress
- Blossom-end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency and inappropriate watering, leading to the appearance of a persistent black spot on the underside of tomatoes. Layer hen manure, which is naturally rich in calcium, is an environmental solution promoting healthy plant growth and helping to prevent blossom-end rot.
- contains hen manure, bone meal, natural potassium

- this fertilizer is approved for use in organic production

Available at the Dufferin Garden Centre, on sale this week Regular $9.99, NOW $7.88
Tomato Terms to Know:
When growing tomatoes and reading about them - on our website, instore signs and plant tags - there are a lot of tomato growing terms. What does all this mean?

Follow the link to learn the common tomato growing terms.

Companion Planting with Tomatoes
Companion Gardening is all about plants helping plants. By planting certain plants in proximity to each other, it is believed that they will benefit in increasing taste, and deterring many insects and pests.

Follow the link for a list of plants that are suggested companions with tomatoes.

Eco-Tip :: Tomatoes like Calcium
Tomatoes are a big fan of the egg shells from your breakfast.  They need the calcium for cell growth and division.  When tomatoes (and peppers) don't get enough calcium, they have underdeveloped leaves or blossom-end rot.  This is when the end of the fruit doesn't develop properly causing a dark, flattened or sunken leathery-appearing spot, sometimes including half the fruit.

Time to feed your plants!  Adding those crushed egg shells from your breakfast around the base of the tomatoes (and peppers) will certainly be a welcome additions.  Or, add Hen Manure which has naturally occurring calcium (organic fertilizer).

Enjoy the harvest!
Things to Watch for:
Follow this link for three of top issues you might find with your tomatoes this season.

If you have any other issues, please contact us through our form "What's Bugging You?" 

Herb of the Week :: Basil
Fresh Herbs
What goes better with tomatoes than basil? This herb thrives in hot, dry locations.  Basil requires warm soil and warm sun.

Follow the link for a great recipe for tomatoes and fresh basil! 

Feature Veggie :: San Marzano Tomato
Web Photo
San Marzano tomatoes are thinner and more pointed than the Roma tomatoes. The flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds and the taste is stronger, sweeter and less acidic (thanks to the volcanic soil). The thick skin makes it easy to peel off.

This is the tomato of choice for pizza makers!

What's on Your Table Tonight?



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