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One of the most meaningful ways you can support HelpHOPELive is by making a fully tax-deductible donation to our General Operating Fund, which allows us to continue providing personalized, community-based fundraising support to families in need across the country.  Hope starts with you!
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Giving Securities to Make an Impact at HelpHOPELive 

We know you give to HelpHOPELive to assist those with unmet expenses due to transplants, catastrophic injuries or illnesses. We also understand that your desire to give might sometimes exceed your resources.

That's why we offer a number of giving options to help our donors make tangible differences in others' lives in the way that makes financial sense for them. For example, instead of a cash donation, you can contribute stocks and other securities to HelpHOPELive. Not only do they make an equivalent impact to a cash gift, but donating securities may also  create significant tax benefits.  Such a gift should always be planned with a qualified financial advisor .

Here's an overview...

Depreciated stocks: Donating shares that have decreased in value may let you claim a capital loss along with the ordinary charitable contribution. Alternatively, you may find it more advantageous to sell the depreciated shares and donate the proceeds.

Appreciated stocks: Gifts of stocks that have gained in value are fully tax deductible, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income, provided you've owned the shares for at least one year. In most cases, gains above the 30% threshold can be deducted for up to five years. 

If you've held the shares less than a year, you can deduct their cost basis (the original purchase price, minus commissions or fees) up to the same 30% of your adjusted gross income.

Typically, donors find that the best assets to contribute are those that have been held for at least a year and would be subject to the highest taxes if sold.

Donating securities is a great way to make a significant impact at HelpHOPELive while maintaining your day-to-day cash flow. Please consult your financial advisor and contact our Development Department to discuss making a gift of stocks.

NOTE:  The purpose of this article is not to provide legal or tax advice. 
Who You Help

Fundraising Changed My Life After A Spinal Cord Injury

 Changed My Life After A Spinal Cord Injury
How Fundraising Saved My Life: My Journey To Transplant

Fundraising Saved My Life: My Journey To Transplant

Meet Team Zeldathon, the recipients of this year's Help Award, at the 2016 Live It Up! benefit.

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Impacting HelpHOPELive Through Charitable Giving 
A Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

From fancy cars and expensive clothes to fine dining and exotic vacations, there are many ways you can spend your hard-earned money. And there's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a job well done. But what would happen if you rewarded someone else instead?

A recent study by Harvard Business School called "Feeling Good about Giving" explores the ways in which charitable behavior can benefit your financial, physical, social and spiritual well-being. 

Here's how...

Donating may help lower your tax bill: When you donate to a qualified charitable organization or nonprofit group, the amount you donate is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Volunteering with a charity may result in physical and social benefits:  After donating financially to a charity, you may feel an inner pull to become more involved with the cause by donating your time and skills as well. By volunteering, you have the opportunity to build your social circles while reaping the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of your labor.

Supporting a cause can help keep you informed about issues of social injustice: When considering donating to a charity, many people research the issues connected to that organization. As a result, you become more educated about social issues locally, nationally and globally.

Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction can strengthen your spiritual life:   Selfless giving is a key component to many spiritual and religious belief systems. Recognizing that you have taken action in line with your spiritual beliefs by offering your resources to others in need can bring a sense of inner peace and contentment.

Giving to charity may improve your sense of well-being: The act of helping others can create an improved sense of self. Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, finances or property in order to help others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life or work.
Even small donations have an impact: When giving to HelpHOPELive, the size of your donation directly correlates with the number of people you are able to help. But you don't have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference. Even small donations have the potential to drastically improve an individual's quality of life.

Thanks to the benevolence of generous donors like you, HelpHOPELive is able to keep our administrative costs low for our clients and maintain our 4-star charity rating with Charity Navigator, ranking in the Top 1% of all charities nationally.

Thank you for your continued support of HelpHOPELive!

David Bakelman, CEO 

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Why I Give To HelpHOPELive

Donors Elizabeth and Kenneth Parsons tell us why they choose to give to our cause.  
What is your connection with HelpHOPELive?

We were first introduced to HelpHOPELive through my father, Fred Kauffman, who is on the board of directors at HelpHOPELive. We became familiar with the organization through his work, but it was at HelpHOPELive's Live It Up! event where we learned the mission of the organization as a whole and saw its numerous impacts on people who needed help. This expanded our relationship with HelpHOPELive beyond a family connection.

Why do you donate to HelpHOPELive?

Well, first of all, we believe in their mission.  Catastrophic injury or illness can happen at the drop of a hat to anyone. I experienced this first hand when my father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997. His illness not only affected him but our entire family. Our world was turned upside down in a single day. It was beyond scary. Our burdens, both financial and emotional, were overwhelming. Yet we had to do everything ourselves. There was nobody to help us. We want to contribute to an organization that is there for families who experience catastrophic illnesses or injuries so they can get the help they need.

We are also confident in HelpHOPELive's staffWhen we donate, we are not only investing in transplant or catastrophic injury patients, but the people who run the organization itself. We invest in their effort, hours, dedication, passion, and capabilities; there is no success without a team. So when we donate, we make sure the team can implement the mission of the nonprofit. Staff members at HelpHOPELive certainly do so.

Lastly, we have a better idea of where donated money is going compared to other not-for-profit organizations. We see tangible results from our donations. Be it a patient gaining access to an emergency fund or an uninsured expense being covered, we know our donated money is being put to good use: it helps people and it helps the organization continue to function and do great things. That's what's important.

What does donating mean to you?

Donating is about connecting. It helps us feel that we are part of something greater than ourselves. It is a tangible manifestation of humanity; a connection with another person expressed in monetary form. Yet a donation is much more than just a number. In fact, the amount given does not even matter. It is the emotional impact that is most important. It's understanding another person's place in the world and wanting to help them through a trying time. It's almost like a fiscal representation of your moral compass, and these are the morals we want to pass onto our children.

You mentioned passing on good morals to your children.  How does donating do so?

Giving dovetails to gratefulness, respect and kindness. These are values we want our children to possess. As a parent, it is important to show by example. This can take many forms, be it being kind to others, donating food to the hungry, volunteering your time, or donating to worthwhile causes. Kids notice these things; they pick up on all the little things. 

And before you know it, they start to want to make a difference in their community too. We hope that our mentality of giving has a viral effect to it and will spread not only to our children but others as well. We like to think that generosity of spirit spreads. Kindness is contagious, don't you think?  We should all do our best to volunteer our time, donate to charities, or just do plain good in this world. Every little bit of kindness, no matter its form, makes a difference in someone's life. We can all make a better world together, but we need to embrace the spirit of giving to do so.