Celestial Musings - The Moon

YPL Solstice/Cancer Edition
"The best explanation for the Moon is observational error.
The Moon does not exist."
Irwin Shapiro
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics *
As I suppose is true for most of us, until recently, I hadn't thought much about the Moon beyond its beauty, especially when full, and the fact it affects tides, menstrual cycles and, perhaps, our moods.  So, when asked how the Moon got there, I had to do some digging.  What I discovered both surprised me and taught me something about order in the universe.
While the Earth is only 3.67 times bigger than the Moon, it has 81-times the Moon's mass. The reason for that is, though much of its explored crust has the same composition as out planet, there is, strangely, an absence of iron and the heavier contents in the Earth's core.
When the 3rd stage, 15-ton Saturn V launch vehicle crashed into the Moon after  sending Apollo 13 on its way back to Earth, NASA scientists reported the sound picked up on impact by a seismometer Apollo 12 astronauts left behind was like that of a bell.  And, the reverberations lasted over 3 hours, travelling to a depth of 25 miles.  This led to the possibility the Moon may be hollow. 
More study showed that, while the Moon does have a tiny metal core, roughly 420 miles across (only 20% of its diameter), it is, indeed, balloon-like and unique among other planets/moons.  Since it is moving away from the Earth at 3.8 centimeters per year, that gives further evidence of its balloon-like quality.
While bone "calendars," ranging from France's Dordogne area to Africa's Congo prove humans have been studying the Moon for over 25,000 years, it was not until 1878 that George Darwin (Charles' son) put forward the first reasoned explanation as to the Moon's origin.  But, from his "fission" theory to the current "Double Whack" theory, no one has, yet, come up with a reasonable answer that makes sense; thus, the above quotation.   
What has been learned, however, is what the Moon did and has been doing for our planet over the past 4.6 billion years of its existence.
The Moon is acting like a gigantic planetary stabilizer that, in effect, keeps the Earth from "toppling over."
The Earth is tilted at an angle currently just over 23°27' to the line of the its path around the Sun.  If the Earth were "upright," there would be no seasonal weather changes and large parts of it would be uninhabitable. 
Maintaining this obliquity has, also, slowed the planet's rate of spin, allowing for life to develop and keeping the weather in a band ( the Earth's temperature average is 58° F) that allows for 98% of its water to be in a liquid state and, therefore, able to sustain life.
So, the Moon is a regulator...a gravitational presence that tips the planet just enough to cause the surface to have a tiny range of temperature change and oscillate, gently, to evenly distribute the energy from the Sun.  This regulator, initially, used its gravity to plow the surface's tectonic plates so essential minerals could be released and distributed for the life-development process to continue.
Bottom line, without the Moon, there would have been no DNA...no us. 
So, is our world a random event or something planned and helped along from some outside source? 
Atheistic or, at least, skeptical scientists, who have studied the Moon, have come to the conclusion, reluctantly or not, that several key "base 10" numbers, e.g., 
the Moon is 1/400th the diameter of the Sun,   
the Moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun, 
the Earth rotates at 40,000 kilometers per day, 
the Moon turns at 400 kilometers per Earth day, etc.,  
are signs indicating what they call an Unknown Creative Agency (UCA) is making itself known to us base 10-oriented creations.
To me, the miracle of the Moon, however it came to be, being the generator of life on Earth, with planet Jupiter acting as our shield from random asteroids hitting us and the study of Venus having allowed early humans from varied cultures to develop the same systems of weights and measurements that have been in use for over 6000 years, is enough indication there is order in our solar system.  And, I see no reason why it shouldn't be the same elsewhere.
Ancients from varied parts of the Earth claimed beings they called "Watchers" taught them the keys to understanding the initial tools that have led to the level of learning we enjoy today.  In past postings, I have written about Angelic incarnations that, at various times and places, have brought humanity to new plateaus in our evolution. 
Whether you call them Angels or Aliens, working on behalf of a UCA or Creator, the important thing to know is that we are not at the mercy of random forces, that there is an order to our world and we are here to learn from it and enhance it.  In one sense, the need for faith is over.  It has been scientifically proven. There is design and there is a meaning to life...a purpose to our existence.  Now, we all we need is to have faith in ourselves that we can live up to our purpose.

*The celestial measurements
and scientific information are from
Who Built The Moon? by
Christopher Knight and Alan Butler
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