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Hello All,

I just received a phone call from Rep. Andrea Boland of Maine who said the cell phone warning label bill we have been working so hard on for the passed few years just past the house by a landslide and will go to vote on the senate floor either this week or next.  She wanted me to extend her heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed in some way to the passage of this bill...it is not over yet, but this is a good sign that the bill may pass the senate.  If it passes, this would be the first cell phone warning label bill to pass at the state level in the US.  The votes were approx. 80 to 50 in favor of the bill.  More news on this soon.

With gratitude and hope,
Rep. Andrea Boland (D) Maine and
Liz Barris, Director  http://www.AmericanAssociationForCellPhoneSafety.org

Have a HARD WIRED week!


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