How Do I Get Around Outside of Marion County?
You might get the sense that the only transit options are in Marion County, but every donut county has some form of public transit provided by their local rural transit provider. Services vary in each county but are usually “on-demand,” which means you make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance and service is from your door to your destination. For more information check out:
Indy Connect at Local Festivals!
Do you have questions about your local transit options? Stop by the Indy Connect/CIRTA booths at these festivals:
Indianapolis is One of Six National Projects to Enhance Personal Mobility
The Shared-Use Mobility Center has awarded IndyGo with a one year, free technical assistance grant to develop a “mobility-on-demand” (MOD) program for Central Indiana. 28 public transit agencies applied for the program and six were chosen. The program is designed to test out promising MOD strategies and ideas. The proposal for Indianapolis includes developing “mobility districts” with unique transportation needs. The plans would focus on connecting those districts with their existing transit network using the latest technology tools. Look for more information in 2019!
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