March News &  Updates
A community initiated partnership of organizations of color, neighborhood groups, and the City are building a rapid response network that combines reporting and tracking of increased hateful acts. For example, since November election there have been 23 hate and 60 political graffiti removals compared to zero hate tags reported in the same time period in the past two years. The goals are to support and help protect community members targeted by hate in Portland neighborhoods. The group is also mobilizing resources to combat  and speak out against hateful, harassing or intimidating acts.
The prior growing season saw the development and construction of a new Produce for People garden bed at the NE 72nd Ave. Community Garden, in the future Thomas Cully Park . The garden team with more than half Spanish speaking gardeners collaborated to convert a previously unused common area into a new garden plot. The entire community garden will be able to produce food on this plot exclusively for donation. The NE 72nd Ave. gardeners designated the Northeast Emergency Food Program to receive their donated produce. 
New Rules to Provide more  Flexibility to Designate and Protect Historic Properties
The adopted rules in Oregon provide legal clarity, additional tools for documenting historic resources, and expanded opportunities for public involvement in the protection of historic resources. While Zoning Code changes will be necessary to implement many of the voluntary aspects of the rule changes, other elements of the rule become effective once the rules are filed with the Secretary of State in 2017. The City's  Historic Resources Program will also work on new design guidelines for historic districts. 
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Grant Park Emergency Preparedness community forum on NET 3/8

CNN meetings
  • March 1  CNN Board Meeting 
  • March 8 Public Safety Action Committee
  • March 9 CNN LUTOP Committee Meeting-How to be effective in long range planning processes
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