April 2017
Central Oregon  PreK-3rd Initiative

What does it  look, feel,  and  sound  like in April? 
  • PreK-3rd Buckets: Teacher Effectiveness, Instructional Tools, and Learning Environments
    • Full day Kindergarten redesign
    • COSA Early Learning Spring Seminars
    • Growth Mindset and SEL classroom-based coaching for PreK-3rd teachers
    • District and elementary school teams engage in the Brain Architecture Game
  • PreK-3rd Bucket: Cross Sector Work
    • 2017/18 PreK-3rd Planning

What are we reading and watching?

PreK-3rd Grade Education
Mindset & Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
New Children's Books that Support Mindset and SEL (for more books to promote SEL check out Deschutes Public Library's collection)

Engaging Families
2016-17 Regional Book Studies

Coming Up

  • 5/16: Regional PreK-3rd Design Team meeting
  • 5/19: Regional PreK-3rd Design Day
  • 5/23 (5:00-7:30): Building Resiliency in Central Oregon --- Kick Off Event @ The View Restaurant at the Juniper Golf Course, Redmond
  • Curious what growth mindset and SEL look like in PreK? Come visit one of our PreK classrooms. Contact Kendra Coates at kendra.coates@hdesd.org to schedule a visit. 

Quick Links

School Readiness PSA (High Desert ESD, Central Oregon)