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We have recently received a price increase from Highwater Clays, which means that our clay price has to go up with it.

The price increase is a result of higher transportation prices which effect all inbound materials used to make the clays and then the outbound clay sent to us. Unfortunately freight touches all aspects of our lives, and while we do not like price increases, it is something that we all have become use to.

The new price on clay purchases under 500 pounds is $27.95.
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Elements, relays, thermocouple becoming old and worn out? Check us for discounted pricing on kiln parts as well as flat rate shipping of $12.50 on all kiln parts when you order more than $100 in parts.

If you can't find the parts on our website, give us a call and we will track down the parts and provide you with what we hope will be a favorable quote on the items.
Do you need a new kiln? Does your kiln need repair?

Call us for all y
our repair needs. We can come to you, assess what ne
eds to be done, provide you with a quote and do the repair work for you.

If you need a new kiln, give us a call for the best pricing and delivery options to you. Call us with your kiln specs and needs and we will work up the best quote possible. We are sure we can help you save money on your purchases.
Looking for a pottery wheel?

Check us out first for all inclusive pricing shipped directly to you. Many models to choose from and be sure to check us out at for the best overall value on products you need for your school, studio, business or your hobby.