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Newsletter       11/29/12
Continuing Education Against Anti-Sharia Bill


CAIR-MI recently has been in contact with elected officials regarding the last minute push by MI State Rep Dave Agema (R-Grandville) and his supporters to have a vote in the state legislators' "lame duck" session on an anti-foreign laws bill.


The anti-foreign laws bill, which in fact is designed to target Islamic law was proposed a year and a half ago but has not been voted upon.


SEE: 'Anti-Sharia' Law Supporters Push For Action On Michigan House Bill Targeting Islamic Ideology (Huffington Post) 


SEE (VIDEO): CAIR-MI Explanation of Anti-Sharia Bill 


Since the introduction of the bill, CAIR-MI helped coordinate constituent visits to several state representatives and senators to provide information about the intentions behind this bill and the negative consequences it could bring to Michigan if passed.


CAIR-MI also held a briefing at the state capital, which was attended by elected officials and interfaith leaders, which explained the application of religious (Jewish, Catholic and Islamic) codes under American law.


SEE (VIDEO): Religious Laws in the U.S. Legal System - What is Sharia? 


"We salute the Michigan GOP legislative leadership for not pushing the anti-Sharia fear mongering agenda, which is among a fringe its party," said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid.

Palestine, Occupation Lobby & Anti-Muslim Movement


CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid today had an op-ed posted on the Dearborn Patch titled, "Need for Better Climate in America to Help Broker Peace in the Middle East," which discusses the relationship between organized efforts to stifle debate regarding Palestinian statehood and its connection to the anti-Muslim movement in America.


Click here to read.

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