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June Town Events

Chamber Summer Mixer 
Thursday June 19, 5-7pm
The Sleeping Lady (Back Patio)
Talk Topic:   "Town Update" 
Fairfax Finance Director: Michael Vivrette 
Fairfax Director of Planning & Bldg Svcs: Jim Moore 
Fairfax Town Council Members:
Larry Bragman, Barbara Coler,
Renee Goddard, John Reed 
~Reserve Early, Space Is Limited ~ 
$10 includes glass of wine or beer & finger foods
In This Issue

Join Us At The Festival
Come Be In Our Parade Float
The Chamber welcomes any business in town to come join us for the morning parade.  We will be driving a cool convertible with folks walking on either side.  Bring a banner or wear a costume or ???  Join us!

Meet at 9am at the west end of the Good Earth/Java Hut parking lot.  We are #22.


For all information about the Festival ...  CLICK HERE


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"Only In Fairfax"  2014
Chamber of Commerce Publishes Guide to Fairfax 
In partnership with the Pacific Sun, the Chamber has produced another guide to the town.
Advertisers support the costs for Pacific Sun to print and distribute the guide books while the Chamber supplies all content, photos, and business directory information. 
The Pacific Sun distributes thousands of copies as inserts, and the Chamber distributes several thousand more at events and through businesses.  The Marin Visitors & Convention Bureau distributes them also on its racks around the county.

If you would like to distribute these booklets or just need to find a copy please contact Bob at the Chamber: .

New Chamber Website - Live 


Check out the new Chamber of Commerce website:


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ADA Compliance Lawsuit in Fairfax

Another town business has been hit with an ADA compliance lawsuit, or the threat of one if they don't settle out of court.    Your business may be vulnerable. 
Settlements so far seem to be in the $25,000 range to the complainant, plus the costs of any fines levied by state or federal agencies, plus your own legal fees, plus the cost of the renovations, plus loss of business while closed.  Insurance policies generally do not cover any ADA compliance costs.

Certain attorneys specialize in this type of litigation and essentially bring the same type of lawsuit with the same complainant to business after business after 'scouting' a town for the likelihood of ADA compliance issues. It appears to be the same attorney/client pair bringing action against a second Fairfax business.  Many buildings in Fairfax were constructed before ADA rules were in place and are therefore subject to this type of litigation.

The Chamber sponsored a Mixer last year on this topic and the recommendation at that meeting was that the first line of defense is to have an ADA compliance assessment done by a professional service so you are aware of your vulnerabilities. 
The risk is there, and the cost of being a target is very substantial.

The Chamber is doing further research on this issue and will provide whatever information it gathers that can help the town's business community.


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David Weinsoff will attend the international CittaSlow conference in Europe later this month representing Fairfax. (On his own dime, of course, wrapping it into a planned vacation trip.) 
With a membership of 168 towns around the world, all with  populations under 50,000, the Cittaslow movement promotes a "slow" lifestyle emphasizing wellbeing through healthy food and quality of life choices, emphasizing the uniqueness of individual towns, cultural diversity and protection of the environment.
CittaSlow encourages travelers, domestic and international, to visit and experience the towns that represent those ideals.

Check out the Cittaslow USA website:

To learn more about how you or your business can participate, please email Elisabeth von Halem who is the new Fairfax Cittaslow coordinator:

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County Rebates Available

Energy Efficiency Resources for Home & Businesses     


Marin County is offering rebates for energy efficiency improvements for homes and businesses.  There are potential benefits directly for home owners, business owners and commercial property owners, and also indirect benefits for realtors, contractors and building professionals.



For details CLICK HERE.

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YP Advertising Tip     


Rose Tabor of Rainbow Fabrics wanted to pass along to other Chamber members the contact information of a sales rep she found particularly helpful when recently setting up her store's ad with "YP" (formerly Yellow Pages).



Gertha Davis
Advertising Media Consultant
(925) 475-8064

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