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Town Events

First Annual Fairfax Wine Stroll 
A Success 
Held on Saturday, October 4th, the event seemed to please most everyone: strollers and wine tasters, stores & restaurants, and the wineries.
Over 150 people spent three hours exploring Fairfax, stopping in at 16 different locations around town to sample wines from over 20 wineries and enjoy accompanying food samples.

If you missed being part of The Fairfax Wine Stroll this year, look toward 2015.  The Chamber of Commerce will  be hosting the Wine Stroll again.  
October 2014


2014 Winter Holiday Party  

& Silent Auction

Tuesday, December 9th   6-9 PM   

 The Chamber's most fun social event of the year!  Please join us




Come and join the celebration -  




Friday - October 17th

Starts at 6PM 


Please drop in and say "hi".  

My best, 




This is your invitation from Garry Graham to drop in at 19 Boradway this Friday evening, October 17th at 6pm to join him in celebrating 30 years of bringing live music to Fairfax. 


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Benefit Concert & Celebration for
Fairfax Open Space Committee

Saturday October 18
Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Help acquire the Sky Ranch property for Open Space.

Come to the Benefit Performance with Robyn Sylvester, Danny Eisenberg, Mookie Siegal, & John Hanes

Want more details about Fairfax Open Space?   Contact Mimi Newton: .

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"The Outdoor Adventure Film Festival will showcase 13 amazing films depicting what we love the most, enjoying the outdoors. 
The Film Festival is a celebration of the recent successes A4B has seen as well as to raise funds for the work ahead."  
Click here for more information

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Halloween Parade 
Friday, October 31
Parade Starts at 5PM 

Starting Point:  Fairfax Theater 
Prizes Awarded in the 
Bolinas Park Haunted Grove

Sponsored by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce 
C'mon out ... You KNOW it's gonna be fun (and a little scary!) 

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Legislation in the News
Paid Sick Leave
New California Law
Effective July 1, 2015 

Effective July 1, 2015, under the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, all California employers must provide their California employees with at least 3 days (24 hours) of paid sick leave per year.

Click here for details on this new law.

Required State & Federal Postings

Employers are required to post certain Labor Laws on their premises, and then keep them up to date.  You can download the notices from the California and Federal websites, and there are also many companies that print and sell either laminated or unlaminated posters.
If you google keywords such as  "california employers workplace postings" you will get a list of several suppliers of posters.

Chamber Members Vote on Measures J and A

When the Chamber of Commerce is approached for endorsements, we poll the membership on the issue.
In this election season we polled our membership on Measures J and A.  In both cases, those responding to the poll endorsed these measures by substantial majorities. Therefore, the Chamber has endorsed both of these Measures.