Green N Fit Neighborhood Block Rebuild

Revitalize CDC!!!!!!!! Owner of Phil Beaulieu & Sons Home Improvement, Inc., Fran Beaulieu is a board member and an active volunteer. On April 23, 2016 Revitalize CDC will be having their yearly Green N Fit event where they revitalize on an entire block with over 1200 volunteers. Volunteers spend a day doing yard-work, installing siding, insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, interior and exterior painting, plumbing and electrical. If you would like to know more about Revitalize CDC and what they do to help our community or if you would like to sign-up to volunteer, please click on the link below. Hope to see you there!

Revitalize CDC
2016 Home Show
T hank you everyone for attending the 2016 Western Mass Home and Garden Show. Another successful year. It was pleasant to meet new customers and always a pleasure to see our existing customers. We will see you next year.

Tax Season
Did you know.....?
Did you know there are apps on your smartphone that can prepare you with what you need to file your tax return. Check these apps out on your mobile;
TaxCaster from TurboTax and Myblock from H&R Block. 
Did you know Massachusetts is the only state this year in 2016 where the deadline to file for taxes is on April19th. Due to Massachusetts holiday of "Patriots Day" falling on the 18th of April. We have an extra day to gather our documents and file
Tax Returns. 
Did you know income tax started because of war.
The American Civil War to be precise. The Revenue Act of 1861 was introduced to gather funds for the expensive conflict that lasted for four years, with the price of war coming in at approximately $2.5 million per day.
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How to really know when Spring is here!!!
Look for American Robins running across lawns or stalking earthworms in your yard or a nearby park. Since robins sing frequently, you can find them by listening for their clear, lilting musical whistles. In winter they may disappear from your lawn but could still be around. Look for flocks of them in treetops and around fruiting trees, and listen for their low cuck notes. American Robins are known for their orange breasts and tugging earthworms out of lawns. If you have seen a Robin at your house already then Spring is very near.
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