Changing the Energies in Your Home This Season!

As the temperature is changing we tend to stay indoors more than normal. It can be a good time to reconnect with your loved ones. For some this can be a blessing and for others it can be a curse. A lot has to do with the energies in your home and around people.
To those of you who have worked with me you know that I'm always talking about protecting yourself spiritually with  Gods White Light. This is needed more than ever during the cold winter months. It sounds strange to many that you can have energies, which you did not invite in, in and around your home. Yet, it is very Real!
Live Conference Thursday November 16 

Join me for a live conference discussing "Changing The Energies In Your Home." This is going to be a fun conference as we find new ways to remove the sad energies and bring in the glad energies into your home.  I will be joined by two specialists in aromatherapy Tina and Sarah.
The conference will be live for 1 hour on Thursday November 16 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, 7:00 Pm Central Time, And 5:00 Pm Pacific Time.  You will be able to ask your questions in this open forum.
Mark your calendars and join in by calling  (712) 775-7300 add Participant Access Code: 209199#

This program will be recorded and available to listen to at a later date if you cannot make the live conference.  These are always filled with information, education, spirituality, and suprises as well.

Talk with you there,
Cherokee Billie