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                                                                                     July 2016 - Vol. 6  Issue 7    
A TNG Digital Double Blading on the Sunny California Strand!
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Testimonial ("You Guys Rock")

"This is the fourth time Rodeo FX asked TNG VFX for some help with character scanning. The challenges were always high in terms of expectations.  The projects were delivered with such precision of timing and quality that there is no doubt in my mind that experience and attention to detail are key assets for Nick Tesi and his group.  You guys rock!"

Andre Montambeault, Head of Advertising
Rodeo Visual Effects Company, 
Montreal,  Canada.

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TNG  Visual Effects: USA & CANADA
TNG Visual Effects - Now in Canada!
Photogrammetry 3D Scanning 
Available in Vancouver


TNG Visual Effects Los Angeles, and 
TNG Visual Effects Canada, Inc. , is a 3D scanning company in the entertainment industry that specializes in the creation of photo-realistic digital assets. Many characters, vehicles, cars, sets, props, animals, sculptures, and other items have been added to our scope of work since inception in 2009. 

Our team knows how to work with producers, directors, coordinators, A-list talent, and other agencies, making the most of their precious time and ensuring a successful project. TNG's work is always guaranteed. We are also highly noted for our ability to travel at a moments notice for a project. Exclusive use of highly mobile scanning systems allow for TNG to perform scans in practically any location. 

TNG Building

A Note From Our Founder

Nick Tesi Image  

Nick Tesi, Founder TNG Visual Effects


It's Summer time and we're working hard. We're building more partnerships and will be announcing them soon, as well as other types of services we can  provide  you!


At TNG, we are developing more techniques in relation to 3D scanning to give you better models. We are getting deeper into developing cars and products to expand our markets with our high-tech scanners, skilled modelers, and our mobility. 


We are always researching new technology and software to keep the quality of our service at the highest level, and to accelerate our pipeline. We do our best to provide a great product to our customers. 


We continue our search for partners who are synergistic to our service. Together we can help our customers save more while using better products. Contact us for more information.
TNG Visual Effects: 3D Model Gallery

3D Scanning & Modeling
Characters on Wheels

Building 3D characters can be fast and furious or slow and laborious depending on the type of 3D scanning/modeling professionals that you have working on your 3D Modeling project.  Nowadays the standards for 3D assets are higher than ever before, and the deadlines are tighter.  Film, TV and Gaming projects require 3D assets with photo-characteristic looks and extraordinary texture layers (specular, occlusion, displacement or normals). Cyber-hair and cyber-cloth have to be organic and ultra-believable to the human eye.  Today, speed, quality and cost are the defining parameters for a 3D scanning project, and picking the right 3D scanning/modeling shop to partner with is of paramount importance for succ ess.

Producers and supervisors wonder, "how can it be done" and, "can I get it done in the allotted time and budget that I have assigned?"  Furthermore, "WHO can I ask to complete this for me on time and on budget?"  When researching 3D scanning shops, it shouldn't be like searching for an AR Pokemon in Pokemon Go.  Desirable shops will have a vibrant library for you to easily access on social media and their company website. Check it out, is their work photo-realisti c? Are they current on technological trends? Are they established, seasoned professionals? This research, along with word-of-mou th recommendations are very helpful when figuring out who to call. 


On the other hand, professional 3D scanners/modelers ask,"what is the best approach to this project to bring it to fruition fast, beautifully and on budget? Should I model from scratch?  Should the talent/ object/ enviro nment be Laser Scanned, Structure Light Scanned,  scanned in Photogrammetry or perhaps a combination?  How can we best make this project a seamless 3D stand-in in a film, TV, gaming environment?"

No matter which way you look at it, attaining amazing 3D assets can be tough in today's fast-moving industry for both Producers and Vendors. Partnering with an experienced, technologically saavy, dynamic 3D scanning/modeling shop will help you get the best results possible on time and on budget so that your super photo-realistic 3D Model can get on with her business and Blade on Down the Strand!
Lidar 3D Scanning
Large Area Scanning in Visual Effects
In the Visual Effects Industry the name LiDAR has become synonymous with large area scans, much like the Xerox brand became synonymous with copiers (it's good to be the first and best at a new technology!)
But what exactly is LiDAR and how is it used for VFX?  In our industry LiDAR, (light-radar) is a relatively fast, economical way to gather detailed measurement data via light pulses on large scale objects such as buildings, interiors, exteriors, vehicles, trains, ships and landscapes (and even elephants).  The "point clouds" of data obtained with LiDAR can then be used to build detailed 3D models which can then be digitally tweaked and expanded even furthe r, thus extending the reach of their applications within a project.
During pre-processing the scans undergo an arduous process of alignment into a complete point-cloud model.  At this point the model may or may not be in color.  If the scan is high density it  will look solid to the naked eye, however upon zooming closely you will see that that is not the case.  It's not until all of the data points are processed further to create an actual surface file of triangles which represent the "water-tight" surface of the object. This is where the artists come in and do their 
re-topologizing magic, bringing the project to 3D life.
In VFX, we are fast to adopt and adapt new and interesting technolog y to create the most magnificent, realistic effects possible.  Please call us with any LiDAR scanning questions that you may have
Gaming News
Virtual Reality at E3 2016
The 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, took place 
June 14-16 right up the road from us at The Los Angeles Convention Center.  Without a doubt, the focus this year was Virtual Reality (VR).  We've come a long way from Pong.

In recent years VR has had significant representation at E3 as it developed, but in 2016 VR was dominant at E3 like never before. VR has arrived in a BIG way.

Another interesing current trend noted at E3 is that the game's resolution is now more  highly prized than game mec hanics  (game-play), which used to be the vaunted facet.
It's astounding to think that while the gaming industry was in its infancy, games at Atari were often designed by one person who was both the programmer and the artist.  Flash forward to 2016 where vast teams of artists, designers and programmers all collaborate to create fan favorites like  GTA 5.

VR's sister is Augmented Reality (AR) which offers us Heads Up Display, while still displaying the real world. A great use of AR and game mechanics is the just released Pokemon Go.  Powered by Google Map technology, the free game allows the original 151 Pokemon characters to enter into your real-world via your phone screen, clock and GPS coordinates.

Modern gaming will be focused on exploiting the new intersections that VR and AR can provide, enhancing our own worlds. It will be a real treat not only for gamers, but for all humans to enjoy cutting-edge technology never seen before.
$$   Great vendors communicate and are quick
 to respond to your call, text, or email.


Great vendors ask lots of questions to gain a deep understanding of your project.


$$   Great vendors are reliable and able to meet deadlines.


$$    Great vendors always seek win-win solutions.


$$   Great vendors provide a 100% guarantee for their service.


Thank you for taking the time to review the TNG News.  We are experts in our field and take great care to provide the very best 3D Scans and 3D Models to our customers, guaranteed.  We and are here to answer any of your questions or to help you on your current or upcoming 3D scanning projects - give us a call!

Nick Tesi, 3D Scanning & Visual Effects Technology Expert
Founder & President TNG Visual Effects

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