Mad for Tesla


A lot of people (including me) are eating their words. Tesla is on a charge, crushing earning expectations, making profits, and now, Consumer Reports says  Tesla Model S is 'best car we've ever tested' (Score: 99/100)


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Out of Africa? Nope


It seems that everything is bigger in Texas without having to import. Oops. Dangerous Giant African Snail found in Texas turns out to be Rosy Wolf Snail


A powerful threat


A power line corridor is about to cut close to the iconic building.   Arkansas' Thorncrown Chapel under threat from energy company


A world of tech is in your pants


It is really amazing, how many different things we used to own have all disappeared into our smart phones. There are environmental benefits, too. 40+ gadgets in your pocket, without the e-waste


Doing the right thing


They couldn't bear the sight of the poor thing stuck in the mud.  Indian villagers rush to the rescue of a baby elephant (Video)


Overcutting, overfishing, overgrazing, overpumping, and overplowing.


Human demands have outrun the carrying capacity of the economy's natural support systemsFull Planet, Empty Plates: Chapter 2. The Ecology of Population Growth


Mepps! Mepps! The Coneheads would love these


A young architect is determined to ensure the survival of traditional building lore.  Cool but endangered conical houses get preservation treatment in Indonesia


 Capturing the Zeit- geist


This is actually quite clever, an e-bike that folds up and fits in your trunk, and has a mini-trunk of its ownZeit Eco E-Scooter plays tunes, stores meals in glovebox


The cooking project


This salad is jam-packed with deliciousness, from roased corn and peppers, to creamy avocado and crunchy toasted almonds -- all topped with an incredible garlic and honey dressing10-layer roasted vegetable salad [Vegetarian]


In which Jaymi plays Julie to Kelly's Julia and works her way through theTreeHugger archives of vegetarian recipes, wielding a camera as well as a spatula.  The Cooking Project  
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