Here's a snapshot of next year's school calendar. A more detailed calendar will be included in the back to school email this summer.

First Day of School 8/27/18 
Labor Day Weekend 8/31/18 -9/3/18 No School
Teacher’s Convention 10/4/18 -10/5/18 No School
Professional Development Day 11/9/18 No School
Veteran’s Day 11/12/18 No School
Parent Teacher Conferences 11/19/18-11/20/18 No School
Thanksgiving Break 11/21/18 -11/23/18 No School
Christmas Break 12/20/18 -1/1/19 No School
MLK Holiday 1/21/19 No School
End of Semester 2/1/19 No School
President’s Holiday 2/18/19 No school
Professional Development Day/Winter Break 3/6/19 -3/8/19 No school
Spring Break 4/8/19 -4/12/19 No School
Snow Day 5/24/19 No School if no Snow Days are used during the year
Memorial Day Holiday 5/27/19 No School
Graduation 6/10/19
Last Day for Elementary Students 6/12/19
Last Day for HS Students 6/14/19