The IRA Charitable Rollover: A Simple Way to Make Dreams Come True
Following the death of his mother, former Congressman Wes Watkins wanted to do something special in honor of her memory.

Wes' mother was influential throughout his life, placing a strong emphasis on education.

 "My mother stressed the importance of education to anyone she met, and her encouragement motivated me to work harder," said Wes.

To memorialize his beloved mother, Wes used an IRA Charitable Rollover gift to perpetuate her encouragement of education by establishing the Mary E. Watkins Scholarship at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The scholarship encourages graduating seniors from Wes and Mary's hometown high school in Bennington, Oklahoma, to further their education by attending a college or university in the state of Oklahoma.

The now-permanent IRA Charitable Rollover makes it easier than ever for your clients to accomplish their charitable goals by supporting scholarships for students. The provision allows those who are age 70 ½ or older to use the required minimum distribution from their individual retirement account to make a tax-free charitable gift up to $100,000 annually.

Between the pages of our 2017 Scholarship Review, you will find inspiring stories of caring individuals like Wes who are investing in our community's future. Learn how we can help your clients establish a scholarship fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and lessen the cost of tuition for deserving students.

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When trying to decide who should be the beneficiary of her will, Helen compiled a list of common questions to ask her attorney. Who should receive her money? Should she give property to her children outright or in a trust? Is there a best age for them to receive the property? And what if her children were to pass away before she does? Should she forgive loans made to her children? And who will take care of the dog, Rover?

Do these questions sound familiar? Discover how Helen's attorney helped her weigh the options and create the perfect plan for the future of her property.

Download our free guide to planning your will and trust to assist you and your clients decide how to distribute their assets at death. 

After moving back to Oklahoma City, Paul and Leigh Ann Albers were looking to use assets from the recent sale of their company to give back to their community. Not wanting to take on the responsibility of managing a private foundation, they decided instead to establish a family affiliated fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The tax-wise alternative is similar in structure and function to a private foundation, but with less restrictions and favorable tax treatment. The fund allows the Albers to focus on philanthropy and leave the accounting, researching and tax reporting to the Community Foundation staff.

Discover the variety of fund options we offer to help your clients be more efficient and impactful with their charitable giving here.                 

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