June 6,  2018
I Am the Author of My Life 
By Robert Brumet

"You are the author of your life!" On stage was a well-known motivational speaker, and his message was, "Take charge of your life, and become a creator, rather than a victim." I was inspired by his words and have successfully applied many of his ideas in my life. I created the life I wanted...or at least, thought I wanted.
Over time I began to see, deep down inside, I was actually not much happier than I had been before. I began to realize changing my life circumstances would not fulfill my heart's deepest desire. I discovered what I really wanted was not just different life conditions, but a different life. Although I did not have the language to articulate it, what I really wanted was transformation rather than translation.
Transformational spiritual practice does not focus on changing life circumstances, but focuses on changing the seeker herself. Transformational practice focuses not upon having what you want, but upon authentically being that which you truly are. What you truly are is infinitely more than anything the mind can conjure as necessary for happiness. Be what you truly are and you will always have what you truly want. ...
Another name for this process is evolution. The same life force and the same intelligence working to evolve life everywhere is working within you right now. The same power and intelligence that shaped the stars and galaxies is at work in your mind, in your heart, and in your life, right now. Transformative spiritual practice is a vital part of this evolutionary process. ...
The Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin developed a powerful visionary map of human possibility. His theory of evolution culminates in the development of all beings, led by humanity, into what he calls the Omega Point.
The Omega Point is a hypothetical point in the future wherein humanity and the rest of creation become fully integrated into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God. This is the final culmination and the ultimate purpose of evolution. In Teilhard's view, evolution is not pushed by the past, but it is pulled by the future. It is not pushed from below, it is pulled from above, by Omega. ...
In the practice of I Am the Author of My Life, we take Teilhard's evolutionary model very personally. In this practice, I see myself as much more than simply the product of my personal history. I see myself as an integral part of a much larger story. I see my evolution is being pulled by the Omega Point, which individualizes as the divine potential within me. In this practice, I live my life as if I (as a personality) am a character in a story written by my divine potential-my own Omega-self. I then live my life with the premise that my future (Omega) self has written an autobiography in which I, the personality, am the lead character.
At the deepest level of your being, you are the author of your life; at the surface of your consciousness, you are but a character in a story authored by Omega. The divine potential within you is the author of this story, which is your life as you have experienced it. You, as you know yourself to be, are but a character in the story of the evolution of your personal self into Omega.
As you evolve spiritually, your identity shifts from the lead character to the author of this story. Ultimately, you are both the author and the character, simultaneously creating and experiencing your life as you know it. The awareness and the expression of Omega are the culmination, and the purpose, of the entire story, which is your soul's evolutionary journey.
Nothing in this story is predestined. Everything that unfolds in your life experience is the result of choices you have made. Until now, most of these choices were made unconsciously; based upon instinct or conditioning. Realizing you are the author of your life, you can make choices with an awareness of your true purpose. As you grow into awareness of Omega, you become the author of the story, rather than simply a character in it.
As you begin to live this story consciously, see that you are writing it as you are living it. Know you play a role in a much larger drama unfolding in every comer of our world. Your personal journey is an essential part of this greater story. As you enter into conscious authorship of your personal story, you begin to participate in the grand epic of life evolving on this planet. ...
William Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." In this practice, we develop the consciousness of a skilled actor, who is fully engrossed in his role, and yet deep inside knows he is more than the role: He has an identity, which will endure long after the play is Over. We know we are also the playwright, having written the play for a specific purpose, a purpose to be discovered only by consciously entering into the role as impeccably as possible.
Robert Brumet is an ordained Unity minister and an instructor at Unity Institute and Seminary at Unity Village, Missouri. This article is excerpted from his new book, Living Originally.

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