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Charles Winston is back on JTV to Present "Moissanite Fire  TM"

Shows are Sat. Nov. 5 & Sun. Nov. 6
It's Show Time!


Charles J. Winston, Inc, Jewelry Television (JTV) and Charles & Colvard, the sole source of Moissanite in the world have teamed up to create the most luxurious and affordable collection of Moissanite  jewelry available anywhere in the world. The brand is "Moissanite Fire."  In fact, "Moissanite Fire" is not available anywhere in the world, except JTV!


JTV has worked vigorously with Charles & his team to put together the most amazing styles of Moissanite jewels. Crafted in sterling silver and plated with Platineve. 


Be certain to mark your calendar  for Charles Winston's appearance on JTV. During Charles' last appearance this past September, almost every item shown, sold out in minutes. It happened so quickly, Mr. Winston barely was able to explain the benefits of each item and what his inspiration was.


You can find JTV on your local cable or you can watch live via the internet. To find what channel JTV is broadcast in your area click here . To watch live via the web, click here .


 Platineve  is a proprietary plating that is mostly platinum and other, very precious metals. We cannot divulge the contents of the plating as that could jeopardize the patents that JTV holds. However, it is more lustrous and has a higher resistance to scratching than other white metal platings currently on the market.



  • Sat., Nov. 5th:     10am - Noon EDT (2-hours) with host Jennifer Miller
  • Sun., Nov. 6th:    2am - 3am EDT (1-hour) with host Jennifer Miller
  • Sun., Nov. 6th: 8pm - 10pm EDT (2-hours) with host Jennifer Miller

As always, Charles welcomes your input. He would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts of the show, what you liked or disliked. Charles Winston wants to be your personal jeweler. To reach Charles via email, contact him at

Square, Brilliant Anniversary Band 
Square Stone Moissanite Fire Band
With all this glitter, it is no wonder this anniversary band will tell the world you are loved!
This ring contains 10, square, brilliant cut Moissanite jewels, the diamond equivalent weight is just over 1.00 carat!
The price will amaze you too! This beautiful ring, which will last a lifetime with proper care and attention is only:
$264.00 plus S&H
10x More Brilliant 
Moissanite Petri Dish
Click on Image to learn about Moissanite.


Moissanite, as seen in this image is 10x more brilliant than a diamond! It has 2.4x more Fire and has more luster than a diamond. In fact, it is only slightly less than the diamond on the Mohs scale (measurement of gem hardness.)


More important than the scientific specifications of Moissanite; it is the most beautiful jewel you will ever see.
Fact: over 70% of 1st time purchasers of Moissanite make their 2nd and 3rd purchase within less than 4 months. That in itself is a statement about the beauty and value of the jewel.
Round Fiery Studs!
1.60 Moissanite Fire Studs
These amazing stud earrings carry a customer pick of a 5-Star Rating!


Welcome the Grandeur! Everyone will see you arriving from a mile away. The size, sparkle and brilliance of these gorgeous stud earrings will make the you most envied person around.
These stud earrings have a 1.60 carat diamond equivalent weight.
The price is right too. They are priced at an amazing low...
$314.84 plus S&H

Exclusive World-Wide to JTV!


Between the use of Moissanite, Platineve and the designs of world renowned jewelry designer, Charles Winston, you can now have the most elegant looks at prices never seen before. This newest brand of JTV's is called, "Moissanite Fire." The name is the brilliance, lustre and FIRE is bound to amaze you.


We urge you, tune in for these shows. You will be the first to see the beauty, the luxury and the styling that Charles Winston and Charles & Colvard have brought to JTV...."Moissanite Fire." Remember, Charles' phrase, More Brilliance, More Luster, More Fire and ultimately more compliments....can now be had for less.



CW Royal Moment Grapic
Charles Winston is a fourth generation jeweler who grew up in the world of diamonds. Having handled many of the most valuable diamonds in the world; who better would understand the value and beauty of 'Moissanite Fire'!


He was so impressed by the clarity, sparkle and luster of 'Moissanite Fire'. Charles' answer when asked about it, "Moissanite Fire is absolutely the most amazingly brilliant stone I have ever seen. Although used as a diamond substitute for those who don't want to spend the high price for a diamond, it is a jewel in a category of its own."


The Moissanite Fire collection is a new brand, exclusively available on JTV. It utilizes Moissanite, the most brilliant jewel in the world. "Moissanite Fire" is the only Moissanite collection in the world that is using nickel-free sterling silver plated with Platineve.


Why is nickel-free so important? Charles has found over the years a large number of potential collectors said, "they are allergic to silver, so they could not wear his jewelry." While there are some people that are allergic to silver, the majority are actually allergic to nickel silver.
Charles' wife was the first to notice, when he replaced nickel in his items with other metals, including palladium and or platinum, the "itchy feeling" and "rash" did not occur any more. So if you thought you may be allergic to silver, there is a good chance you will not have an adverse reaction to nickel-free silver.
It is no wonder that Charles' debut show had sell-out after sell-out. We expect the same during this next visit. So do yourself a favor; don't wait until the end of the show to place you orders! Order what you want, when you see it!


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