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Miraculous Life 


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

                                                      ~Albert Einstein

Hope you're having a miraculous day!  





Charlie Sheen's willingness to be transparent right now...WINNING!!!


His disregard of political correctness...  WINNING!!!


Not being concerned about how he looks...  WINNING!!!


Not caring what people think about him...   Duh! WINNING!!!


What he's doing right now, whether he means to or not, is giving us a glimpse into the freedom of transparency. He's actually modeling something quite powerful - freedom from self-consciousness.


Yeah, he's eccentric alright. Drug induced psychosis? Bipolar Personality Disorder? Who cares? The point I'm concentrating on here is his willingness to transcend giving a damn what other people think of him. And that takes guts!... WINNING!!!


If you're like most people, chances are really strong that you lied today. To someone. In some form. Whether it was through avoiding sharing a truth because you were afraid of what the room might think, or if it was avoiding eye contact with the homeless man so you wouldn't have to interact. These are lies. And they're inspired by the conditioned belief that what other people think of you is more important than your truth.


We have all been influenced to believe that there's something about each of us that's just not OK, not cool, not acceptable, inadequate.


For whatever combination of reasons, right now, Charlie is giving us a glimpse of what it's like to live without self-consciousness.  WINNING!!!


Pay attention for the next several days, with light-heartedness, to how often you are governed by self-consciousness. Notice how many times you swallow your truth, adjust it to be safe, avoid the possibility of having to share it, or flat out lie. It's an interesting practice. 


Then take some risks. Trust your truth.


So, funny! I just sat here at my desk motionless for about 3 minutes, thinking to myself, "Should I send this? This might piss some people off. They might think I'm endorsing drug abuse and prostitution...."


What am I DOING hitting that "send" button??





 (Thanks, Charlie, for the reminder!)




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