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Tu B'Shvat
Mon, Jan. 25
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Authors' Roundtable
Sponsored by TSWRJ
Sat, Feb. 27 
at 9 AM
Assaf Gavron's   The Hilltop
Book Discussion
with Rabbi Hannah Goldstein
Tues, Mar. 8 
at 10 AM
The discussion will be accessible whether or not you have read the book.


Contemporary Israeli literature offers a window into Israeli society, often with insights into trends, both intellectual and political. Over the past year the Library Committee has actively sought to bring congregants English translations of books by new Israeli authors. We invite you to visit the display in the library, download the  annotated bibliography, and pursue the sample we offer below. We are committed to keeping this a dynamic part of the collection. Check back with us often to see what's new.
The Hilltop, Assaf Gavron
A fictional West Bank settlement is the setting for what is widely hailed as an extraordinary view of contemporary Israeli life. This is the book for Rabbi Goldstein's March 8 book discussion.
The People of Forever Are Not Afraid, Shani Boianjiu 
Three young girls drafted into the IDF from the same village are the appealing main characters of this frank, humorous, but revealing story of females in the Israeli army. 
Our Holocaust, Amir Guttfreund
 A prize-winning fictionalized chronicle of kids growing up in an Israeli community of Holocaust survivors with many truths about the various effects of both the Holocaust and learning about it.    
City of Many Days, Shulamit Hareven
 The myriad facets of pre-state Jerusalem during the British Mandate period as shown through the lives of various inhabitants, written by the first woman inducted into the Academy of the Hebrew Language.  
Girl on the Fridge, Etgar Keret
A collection of stories by a master storyteller through very short, sometimes strange, often funny, always revealing vignettes. Keret is becoming one of the most prominent of Israeli writers.    
A Trumpet in the Wadi, Sami Michael
A story of love and conflict between Jews, Arab Muslims, and Arab Christians in Lebanon in the months preceding the 1982 war.
The Tel Aviv Trilogy (Ten Thousand Lovers, Look for Me, and Wall of Light), Edeet Ravel
The impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on relationships is explored in three well-written novels.
A Possibility of Violence, Dror Mishani
Police Inspector Avi Avraham deals with crimes in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, but it takes clever investigating to determine exactly what crimes have occurred here-and who done it. 
Asylum City, Liad Shoham
The lives of Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees in Israel and a controversial practice of limiting their entry into the country forms the backdrop of this compelling murder mystery.  
Duet in Beirut, Mishka Ben-David
Ex-Mossad agent goes rogue with the intention of killing a suspected terrorist in Lebanon.