July 13, 2017

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3 Roads Produces New Public TV Pledge Program With Ric Edelman

3 Roads teamed up again with
longtime client Ric Edelman (America's top financial advisor, according to Barron's) in late May to produce a new Pledge program for national Public TV. This special, Ric Edelman's The Truth About Your Future, is based on Ric's new bestselling book of the same name. Taped over two nights at the Cultural Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD, the groundbreaking special will begin broadcasting in December. 3 Roads' last pledge special with Edelman has already raised $1 million for public TV stations across the U.S.
To view photos from the taping, click here.
For the Love of Their Brother Available to Public TV in Time for 9/11

3 Roads has renewed the distribution contract for For the Love of Their Brother, an award-winning documentary focusing on the heroic efforts of Staten Island firefighter Stephen Siller during 9/11. The documentary was broadcast more than 1200 times on public TV in September and was also broadcast in half a dozen countries. For the Love of Their Brother is available now for Public TV distribution.
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3 Roads Distributes Gettysburg Specials on Amazon Prime

In commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3), 3 Roads began distributing our Gettysburg reenactment series through Amazon Prime. This series joins other projects distributed by 3 Roads on Amazon Prime, including content from outside creators. By the end of July, 3 Roads will have more than 100 hours of content streaming on Amazon Prime. If you are interested in learning more about distributing your original content such as  television and web series, documentaries, original films and other video products, please click here.
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