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July / August 2016
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In the "dog days" of summer, we combine our July and August newsletters, which partially explains why you're seeing this a little later in the month than usual.  The other reason for the delay is that we wanted to wait until our new website is up and running - which it now is!   If you haven't seen it lately, check out the new and improved site:   www.MassageTherapyConnections.com  This was a project that took many months to complete but we believe it does a much better job at representing the type of massage establishment we are.

Having a combined July/August newsletter also means our specials are good for BOTH months, so if you are looking for a 90 minute Staycation session or a 60 minute Beach Alternative, take advantage of these specials!  Even if our newsletter is not sent on the 1st of each month, our specials are updated monthly on the website and in the online booking application so don't hesitate to check there.

Between the hot temperatures and the potential vacation time, summer usually gives us more opportunities to relax.  Even those of you who are retired sometimes have incredibly busy schedules!  We hope you remember that relaxation is actually an important part of living a healthy life.  Relaxation affects your heart, brain, appetite, skin health and even the frequency of colds!  Don't believe us or want to learn more?  Read this great article from The Huffington Post.

Check out updates below on our Summer Medical Massage Clinic, the Pay It Forward Program, and the latest addition to our talented MTC Team of therapists!  And starting with September's newsletter,  you'll find a new series on the ABC's of skincare, packed with great information re-introducing you to the fundamentals of beautiful skin - fun and informative!
Summer Medical Massage Clinic
Reduce Pain!
MMClinicIf you haven't been in lately and picked up a flyer for the Summer Medical Massage Clinic, this is a perfect opportunity to address chronic or acute pain.  We are still surprised at how many of you live with pain that you don't think can be helped by massage therapy!

The initial consultation is FREE and does not obligate you to any future sessions.  In that consultation, you'll receive an assessment / evaluation and a proposed plan of care.  Certainly not ALL pain can be resolved with manual therapy, and we don't hesitate to let you know if we think other solutions are more appropriate.  However, many pain issues can be addressed with medical massage.

Here is an actual case we've seen lately that has been helped by this program:
The client is a woman in her late 70's who has been in on occasion for "regular" massage.  When we saw her in mid-May, she had been using a walker for months due to low back pain.  While the massage helped her to feel better initially, we suggested the Summer Medical Massage program to best address the source of her pain issues.  She had her free consultation in late May, and had a total of seven Medical Massage sessions.  She is now back to "regular" massage and is not using a walker anymore to come in for her appointments!

Don't let pain change your quality of life!
Welcome the newest addition to our team!
Melissa Kelly, LMT
MelissaYou know we are very choosy when adding anyone to the MTC Team!  

Melissa Kelly, LMT has joined us, having recently moved here from Lady Lake, FL.  She's a wonderful addition not just for her massage skills but like the rest of our team, she is 100% committed to continuing education.  Upon receiving her initial education and license in Mitchell, South Dakota, Melissa has been working in spas and in conjunction with chiropractors since starting her practice in 2011.  

Melissa incorporates many modalities into her massage sessions allowing her to deliver an individualized treatment to each person for great results. She loves to add stretch, tandem-yoga, and Thai techniques to maximize range of motion, increase circulation, and restore energy flow in the body.  

You can book a massage with Melissa on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
Important Reminders
Cancellation Policy
Beginning July 1st, our cancellation policy announced last month has gone into effect.  If you receive email confirmations and reminders about your upcoming appointments, the cancellation policy is outlined there as well.  The $20 fee is assessed only with no show appointments or last minute cancellations that make it difficult to fill the slot.  We thank you for your understanding that MTC therapists' time is valuable and we only get paid when service is rendered.
Bumper Sticker Update 
If you submitted an idea for our bumper sticker fundraiser, we are still sorting through the possibilities and will announce the winning slogans in September!
Many of you take vacations in July or August and therefore many of our therapists do as well.  Summer months often mean it's easier to book appointments with little notice, but it also means your first choice therapist may be taking much needed time off.  Don't hesitate to ask for our recommendations for another therapist, especially if you are experiencing pain or stress.  One of the advantages of having such a great team of therapists is that you can have a backup therapist or two to your favorite!
Pay It Forward Update
Since $1 of every appointment you pay for goes into the Pay It Forward fund, you should know how it's working.
This program is in place to help those in need of Medical Massage or Lymphedema Therapy.  These clients can receive help through a specific number of sessions; the program is not meant for those that need care indefinitely.  Here is an true account of someone currently in the program:

This client is a man in his 50s who had severe shoulder pain for several weeks before a friend told him to give us a call.  He had not been able to work at all in his handyman business due to the pain.  He has no insurance and typically does not see any doctors.  After an initial consultation and assessment, he's begun his Medical Massage sessions.  He does pay a co-pay amount each visit, but without the Pay It Forward program, he would not be able to get the help he needs.  We believe the sessions will reduce his pain and there is a very good likelihood that we can eliminate it all together.
Summer Specials
Specials The Staycation!
A 90 Minute Swedish Massage with a choice of three amenities  (Hot Stones, Foot Scrub, Back Scrub or Aromatherapy)
Regularly $131, 
Only $99  - Save $32
The Beach Alternative!
This one hour Swedish Massage also adds  a foot scrub (instead of sand between the toes), and  hot stones (instead of sunburn on the back)!
Regularly $91, 
Only $66  - Save $25
In Appreciation
Almost daily, we learn of someone's story that reminds us how important good health is.  Because it's when something goes wrong with our health due to injury, stress, or even no known cause, that we appreciate what we have.  Can you imagine not being able to eat solid food for months or not being able to speak without slurring all your words?   One of our clients has tongue lymphedema and copes with this 24 hours a day.  Yet we eat and talk without even thinking about it.
We're fortunate to get reminders often to carry appreciation in our thoughts.  Thanks to you, we are able to work in a field we've chosen and are passionate about.  With this business, we hope to help as many as possible to live healthier, more pain-free lives!

In appreciation,

Shea and Nancy
Massage Therapy Connections
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