3 Small Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Ab Trail ($450 value) 
Areola ($285 value) 
Bikini Line ($885 value) 
Chin ($285 value) 
Chin Extension ($375 value) 
Ears ($225 value) 
Feet ($585 value) 
Forehead ($285 value) 
Glabella ($225 value) 
Hands ($585 value) 
Neck (front or back, $585 value) 
Nose ($225 value) 
Sideburns ($585 value) 
Underarms ($585 value) 
Upper Lip ($285 value)

3 Medium Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Abs, Full ($1185 value) 
Arms, Upper ($885 value) 
Back, Half ($1185 value) 
Brazilian ($1185 value) 
Chest, Full ($1485 value) 
Face, Full ($1185 value) 
Forearms ($885 value) 
Manzilian ($1485 value) 
Sacrum ($885 value) 
Scalp ($1185 value) 
Shoulders ($1185 value) 

3 Large Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Arms, Full ($1185 - $1495 value) 
Back, Full ($2085 value) 
Chest and Abs ($2085 value)
Gluteals ($1185 value) 
Legs, Lower ($1185 value) 
Legs, Upper ($1185 value)

Laser Hair Removal Promotional Terms

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(Please note that clients can purchase two coupons per size area (small, medium, or large) ONLY for a maximum of 6 coupons total.)

Wondering what these areas include? Check out our Laser Hair Removal Body Map.

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Promotion available for purchase through August 31, 2017 (11:59pm).