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January 2011


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We're planning our 1st ever

"Spring Rejuvenation Retreat"!


Join us for 3 nights & 4 days of invigorating boot camp style fitness classes, hikes and runs.  All combined with shopping, massages, great accommodations and top quality, healthy food!


Stay tuned for more info to follow.




Don't fall prey to what causes many injuries - doing too much, too soon, too fast.


Start slowly and listen to your body.  Get injury or pain concerns checked out by a professional.  Don't self diagnose!  And,don't run/walk through them!


Most importantly, don't rush your warm-ups and/or skip your stretching after a workout or run.


How Much Is A Portion? 


By using your fist and/or palm of your hand you can easily determine what is an appropriate portion size for you.  A portion of protein (i.e. chicken, beef, fish) needs to be no thicker, or larger, than your palm.  For your starchy carbs such as potatoes and rice, you can use the same visual guide.  For your veggies, you can use two handfuls or use 3 handfuls, or fists, for your salad.


Have You Considered Participating In The



You should!  Join us!  Some of our current class participants have asked if we are entering a team in the Times Colonist 10K event again this year and/or if we can help some of you prepare for the race.


YES, we are entering a team.  But, in order to be considered a team, and get our name printed on the back of our souvenir shirts like last year, we need a minimum of 10 runners/walkers.  To register, you simply go to the TC10K website (  Once there, scroll down to and click on the "Individual Registration" link; and, when the form is displayed, select the appropriate team name - "Alter Ego Fitness Experience" (of course) - from the drop down menu.  Complete and submit the remaining information and you will automatically be added to our team.


All Team Members must be registered by no later than March 25th. Remember, there are reduced fees for earlier registration.  So, the sooner you register, the more you could save!  


And, yes, we would love to help you with your training.   We will provide you with a progressive run program free of charge, schedule a couple of team runs between now and the end of April, and, be available to answer  questions and provide on-going support.  For those of you who did this event last year - the group runs and training program will be similar.   


If you're interested, please go online and fill out the info as detailed above.  Our team will meet together for group runs and to support one and other.  However, that doesn't mean we'll all run together during the event.  We will meet before the race, for a group warm-up, and then line up and race as individuals - the best way to enjoy an event and to work at your own pace!


If you make the commitment NOW, you will strive harder to find the time to work out consistently!  Whether it be with us, by yourself or with a personal trainer, the bottom line is if you commit, by paying your entry fee, you will be more inclined to train.  Taking time to "think about it" only prolongs making the commitment and thereby putting off your training.  Each and every one of you right now can participate in the Times Colonist 10K event.  Whether you walk, walk/run, run, post a PB or just enjoy the event - you DO have the ability to do it!


Talk your family and friends into joining too!  They don't have to be a part of an Alter Ego Fitness Experience Training Session to join us for the group runs and/or to be part of the team.

Yours in fitness,

Loreli Urquhart

Alter Ego Fitness Experience

Progressive Run Training


If you would like more in-depth and/or personal run coaching, and have been running for awhile (i.e. can maintain a run for up to 5 km or 45 minutes), we are able to offer a minimum of 3 - 1.0 hour personal running coaching sessions at the price of:  $184.80 (incl. HST).  These personal coaching sessions will give you the basics to advance to your next level.  We will give you 3 different types of running workouts to incorporate into your already existing Training Program.


If you are not in the above mentioned category, we also offer a Progressive Run Coaching program of 5 1.0 hour sessions for $308.00 (incl. HST) which will also include tips and strength training ideas that will help you in your race.  Additional time, if required, can be added to both these options.


Kettlebells on Beach

In order to run a successful 10K event, it's best if you've done some strength training to complement your cardio training.   You'll finish stronger, faster and with less chance of injury.  Cross training with kettlebells will give you muscular endurance and strength, core stability and cardio, without running. 


The next Session of our 4-week Kettlebell Classes start the week of February 07th.  Sign up NOW to secure your spot!  Class size is limited.