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February 2017
Spring Sports Registration

Registration is now open for  Spring sports! Sports include:

  • Babe Ruth Baseball
  • Little League Baseball
  • Flag Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball

Click below to see program descriptions and register! Interested in becoming a coach or volunteer? You can also register below!

Featured Article: 5 Tips for Sports Parents

The following are five tips to help you and your child(ren) keep an eye on the Big Picture--the life lessons in teamwork, resilience, overcoming adversity, communication skills, etc., that sports can uniquely teach.

1. Write down your goals for your child in sports. Keep this list close by and refer back to it throughout the season.

2. Before a game, help your child prepare with rest, good nutrition/hydration and encouragement.

3. During a game, cheer positively for players on both teams, and refrain from negative commentary on members of the opposing team. Do not instruct from the stands or sidelines.

4. Sometimes, parents or other spectators may behave in a way that feels out of place, such as berating officials or screaming at their children or other players. One way to approach the situation is to model the appropriate behavior. You may also choose to distract them with conversation about another aspect of the game, or, if you feel comfortable, remind them about the role of parents in upholding a positive sports culture.

5. Resist the temptation to critique during the ride home. Wait for your child to start conversation. If you are concerned with your child's emotional state after a tough loss, ask if he/she wants to talk. If he/she says "no," respect that.

This article is adapted from Positive Coaching Alliance's "Ten Tips for Sports Parents." To read the rest, please click  here

PCA is a national non-profit developing Better Athletes, Better People through youth and high school sports. Many of our spring coaches will be attending a PCA Coaches training session in March.

Upcoming with Babe Ruth Baseball

As we set out on another baseball season, we look back at some of our past accomplishments:

2015 saw our 13-15 tournament team win the Va. State title and go on to place second in the Southeastern Regional. The same year our 16-18 tournament team won the Southeastern Regional, and became the first team from Va. to win its way to the World Series where they placed third.

In 2016 our 14s tournament team won Va. State title and went on to place second. Our 16-18 team won Va. State title,  marking its fourth Southeastern Regional Tournament in a row.

2017 brings new excitement and promise for our programs. SYA Babe Ruth Baseball will be hosting the 16-18 Va. State Tournament starting July 6th!

Please visit our website at syasports.org to learn more about our programs! We have 3 levels of play:

For the players new to the 90’ diamond and for non-high school players, we have the 13-15 National League program.

For the JV players and travel players, we have the 13-15 American League.

For our Varsity players, we have the 16-18 League.

And coming soon, four new 90’ diamonds at LLV!

See you at the ball field! 

Softball Is Back!

Softball will be making its return in the 2020 Olympics!  Also, did you know that there is a professional fast pitch softball organization?  Yes there is…National Pro Fastpitch.

Last year Rawlings Sports awarded a Gold Glove Award to a female athlete for the first time! Outfielder A.J. Andrews (pictured above) became the first female recipient of the award. In the Gold Glove's 58-year history, it has been awarded to 323 previous players, all of whom were male Major League Baseball players. Andrews also plays in the National Pro Fastpitch League on the Akron Racers.

There is excitement around this diamond sport, from the girls playing, to the coaches, to the fans in the stands.  Softball is one of those rare sports in which an individual can focus on their own skill, but in which success is achieved only as a team.  Lessons are learned both on and off the field, building both athleticism and character.

SYA Softball has a house program that competes against local teams in fall and spring, and that participates in an all-start tournament in the spring. SYA Softball is also one of the few sports that offers a Pre-K program. For those that are interested in a more competitive level of play, tryouts are avaiable for our Xplosion travel program that plays in both local and national tournaments.  Registrations typically open in December for the spring season, and July for the fall season.

Track & Field on the Rise

Youth track & field participation has increased tenfold over the last 5-7 years in the Northern Virginia area. While this increase is welcome it also demands more space for training and competition. SYA and local schools are committed to providing our community with the resources necessary to maintain an active, disciplined, and competitive track & field program. With knowledgeable coaches, supportive parents and extremely talented kids, our success remains on an upward trend.

In addition, USA Track & Field (USATF) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), as governing bodies for youth sports in America, benefit from our involvement. In turn, they provide the unique requirements, regulations, events and recognition necessary to keep our youth engaged in the world's oldest games. As a result many of our athletes have gone on to compete in National Jr. Olympic competition and beyond. SYA Track & Field, in concert, will continue to honor its commitment to our youth consistent with our mission and goal. Everyone starts, everyone finishes! Capture the Moment!

Conceptual Development Plan Approved for Patriot Park North

SYA is proud to be an Adopt-a-Field partner for Patriot Park North! Patriot Park North is located at the corner of Braddock and Willow Springs Roads, and has 67 acres with three diamond athletic fields. The development of a diamond field complex at this park will serve a broader range of sports and provide a facility to accommodate tournaments. 
  Food Drives Support Local Community

This past winter, SYA partnered with the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services to host two food drives for the local community.

SYA Basketball delivered 392 lbs. and SYA Wrestling delivered 512 lbs. to local organizations! Thank you all for your generous donations!

We will be hosting more food drives in the spring. Watch our website at  syasports.org for upcoming events!

Try New Activities at Our 3rd Multi-Sport Clinic!

 We will be holding our next multi-sport clinic on Sunday, April 2 at Stone Middle School. This free event is for grades K-6--come try a variety of field and gym sports, including:

  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Little League Baseball
  • Babe Ruth Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Soccer
Details and registration will be available on the SYA website on March 1st!
SYA and INOVA: Partners in Concussion Education

SYA is contracting with INOVA to provide concussion education to our players, parents and coaches.  In addition to education, INOVA will be offering base line testing for our athletes at a reduced rate of $25.  The concussion educational tools will be available in mid-March, just prior to the start of our spring season.  We are proud to  partner with INOVA for this important service.

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