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Life Lines                                                      Fall 2016
New Michigan Law Requires Training In Human Trafficking!

Human Trafficking Workshop
Friday October 14, 2016
Spring Arbor University
White Auditorium
106 East Main Street - Spring Arbor, MI 49283
Registration: 8:30 am - 9:00am
Workshop: 9:00 am - 4:00pm
Continental Breakfast - Lunch on your own
6 CREDIT HOURS: NBCC, Social Work, and CAADC
1)    MMHCA and Allied Health Members: $100.00                
2)    Non-Members: $150.00
3)    Group Rates-contact jamesblundo@att.net for details
4)    Students: $75.00
* No refunds after October 10, 2016

 MMHCA is in the process of scheduling additional MMHCA sites across Michigan for this training with expert Jeremy Norwood.



1. Donate $100 to fund our legislative initiate to update our scope of practice. www.mmhca.org

2. Join MMHCA if you are not already a member. www.mmhca.org

3. Renew your membership if it has expired.  www.mmhca.org

4. Be ready to contact your Congressional Representative and our Senators, when asked, to enlist their support for the inclusion of LPCs in Medicare. We are on the verge of another major effort.
T his fall a bill will be introduced in our State legislature to update our scope of practice in our licensure law as part of the portability initiative initiated by the American Association of State Boards of Counseling and the American Counseling Association. This is perhaps our most important and most demanding initiative since the passage of our licensure law in 1988. The success of this initiative is critical to open up employment and reimbursement opportunities for LPC's as well as to enhance the possibility that LPC's moving to other states will be eligible for licensure in those states. Funding this initiative presents a unique challenge as it goes beyond the scope of our current budget. ITS SUCCESS IS DEPENDENT UPON YOUR HELP!! First, if you are not a member, please join now. If your membership has lapsed please renew.

Also, we have established a special fund to support this initiative. We are asking each of you to donate $100 to this fund to help pay for lobbying and other expenses that will be incurred. We hope that you will agree this is a small price to pay to secure the future of our profession!
Over the last few years we have made some exciting and important gains for our profession. We have secured BCBS and Medicaid reimbursement. We are currently working hard to make certain that counselors can bill for all testing codes. We are working closely with NBCC to promote Medicare inclusion for counselors. You will be hearing more about this soon as will need your help in contacting your Representative in Congress and our Senators to accomplish this.

We have never before asked you to contribute beyond paying your dues. In the last 28 years, since the passage of our licensure law, we have never done anything so important to the future of our profession! We are counting on you to make it happen!

Executive Director Report
Out of My Mind
There has been some misconception in believing that the MCA and MMHCA non-profit organizations are one and the same. That is not true. Each is a separate entity. Joining one did not mean you were a member of both.
As President of MCA I attempted to rejuvenate that organization. I believed we could represent counselors in Michigan better as a unified profession by working with MMHCA. That did not work. Unfortunately, although I made some progress, and hoped to establish some MCA services, I was unable to accomplish that goal. There are presently no services offered by MCA.
As a result, I am no longer connected to MCA. Whereas, I am 100% committed to the survival of MMHCA.
In order to save our profession, MMHCA took on many of the functions that MCA failed to provide. Therefore, MMHCA continues to and has consistently represented mental health counselors in Michigan for over 35 years.
We are successful advocates for any counselor practicing the profession of counseling as it relates to mental health.  We represent counselors whether you're a member or not. We also welcome Allied Health Professionals.
If you're not an MMHCA member or have not renewed, please give us a good look. We really need your membership to continue the following:
  • Workshops - Human Trafficking, Blue Cross Reimbursement Navigation, Trauma Recovery.
  • Networking Breakfasts with Consultants from BC answering LPC's questions. Watch for one in your area.
  • Strengthening our license, portability, testing reimbursements, Medicaid inclusion. Our action plan with our lobbyist is required to succeed.
  • Medicare bills are being considered in US House and Senate to include LPC's in Medicare reimbursement. We are being supported by NBCC, AMHCA and other associations. We will count on you to send support to Senator Stabenow and House Representative Fred Upton from the US 6th District in the near future. Watch our website for timing.
If you are interested in a living wage, being a reimbursable provider, participating in a private practice, being an integrated care provider, a mental health counselor in public and private schools, and universities, then you are a great fit for us. JOIN NOW!

James Blundo, LPC, CCMHC, NCC
MMHCA Executive Director

September 29 Networking at Night in Royal Oak
October 1 Networking Breakfast in Lansing
October 8 Networking Breakfast in Marquette
October 2, 9, 16 Psychometrics Training
October 14 Human Trafficking Workshop in Spring Arbor
October 21 BCBS ReimbursementTraining Workshop Location TBA
October 29 MMHCA Annual Meeting & Awards Breakfast in Dearborn
December 2 Human Trafficking Workshop Metro Detroit

Have you seen our new and improved website?

If you haven't already, please check out our new website at www.mmhca.org  Currently all Member Only Pages have open access for a limited time. You can renew your membership two ways now, either renew once a year, or set it up to renew automatically. As a member you can have your name listed on the Find a Counselor page. See details in this newsletter. You can also register for events, read the latest articles, and support our lobbying efforts in Lansing by making a donation. MMHCA is lobbying to both protect and advance the profession with the legislature and bureaucratic systems in the state of Michigan.
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A s a MMHCA member you can be listed on the Find a Counselor Page of the new MMHCA Website. Please click here to see the information needed. Contact Colleen Tavor  cmtcounseling@gmail.com  to be added.
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Details are coming soon about the Trauma Recovery Workshop being presented by Dr. Collin Ross. Date will be set for fall 2016, watch our website for news of this event as soon as it is set for registration.

Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association
Learning from Children
This summer I had the joy of having my seven year old grandson stay with me for two weeks. Here are five things I heard about in graduate school but actually learned from Zachary. 1. The power of magical thinking helps one to cope with many things such as grief, loss, or transition; such as getting through a long car ride by counting to 60 by 10's to make an hour go by more quickly. 2. Trying to be present makes every moment special. When I forgot to take my cell phone to the park one day, instead of catching up on emails, I enjoyed the nice breeze, beautiful sunshine, and watched Zachary play.  3. Intention  leads to success. If you decide to stop to get an ice cream, sit down and enjoy eating it! This is so much better than gulping it down while you hurry on to the next activity, or continue driving. 4. Empathy works. When Zachary's latest McDonald's toy was recalled and thrown away, no rational explanations about safety could comfort him the same way empathy did. 5. Tough people have feelings too. Zachary is a city kid who can help me take the right turns in his hometown of Chicago to get to his house. But he misses his mom and dad when he stays with us. Hugs, tears, and FaceTime help a lot. Perhaps you have some tough clients who need a little empathy to help them to reach their potentials through intention, your therapeutic relationship, and supportive psychotherapy.
Newsletter by:
Cindy S. Goldman, MEd, LPC, NCC
MMHCA Member at Large