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Presidents Pavilion Hard Hat Tours

On the tour you will have an opportunity to see all three floor plans and interiors such as paint colors, light fixtures, flooring, cabinets, counter tops and many other high end finishes!

The following dates have been setup:

Thursday, February 1
Thursday, February 8
Thursday, February 15
Thursday, February 22

All Hard Hat Tours will begin at 4:00 PM

Call 757-585-7006 to reserve your date as space is limited for each tour.

Jamestown Apartment.  Shenandoah Color Palette.

New Faces!
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Our Amazing Dining Staff!
It was a summer and fall to remember. The partitions went up in the bistro, as work began on the bistro expansion. The round dining room was partitioned off for renovation. Dinners were served buffet style in the Grand Hall for two reasons: it was the only remaining space, and the kitchen was undergoing renovation, too.

Through it all, there were two constants: the kitchen continued to provide good-tasting, nourishing meals, and the waitstaff maintained their cheery attitude. Now that the new bistro and round dining room have re-opened, we have new menus and a spiffy-looking waitstaff. Have you noticed the neckties?
- Dave Lester -
The Doll House
When the grand tour of the Cannon Building reached the large hobby room, Elaine and Ted Cummings' two granddaughters stopped dead in their tracks. There at the middle table sat Rod Bubeck working on a big beautiful doll house. He graciously removed the dust cover and showed them the rooms, and the porch and how the doors opened and closed. They were smitten! Later he called and asked if the girls would like to have the house. It seemed he was looking for a loving family to adopt and treasure it. Needless to say, Mom was consulted and she was almost as enthusiastic as her daughters. Now all that remained was to finish the interior and get it to Chicago!  KEEP READING...

The Mystery of Gardening at Patriots Colony
The 2016 Winter Edition of the Patriots Press contained an article titled "FARMING VS GARDENING." As the title suggests and the article supports, they are not the same. The new garden had just been completed, the gardening committee allowed me to have a plot, and I confirmed that having been a farmer does not make you a gardener. My attempt at a fall crop of beets, beans, radishes, and particularly sweet corn just did not work well at all. But I enjoyed it. I looked forward to turning over the soil and planting in the spring. I did that - once again beets, radishes (red this time), carrots, sweet corn, and I added tomatoes and potatoes.  Continue Reading...

Dodie Hruby, The Family Artist
My mother, Dodie Reeder Hruby, recently turned eighty years old. To celebrate her beautiful life, my two siblings and I hosted a family reunion and a catered art show displaying some of her original oil paintings in the main hall of Patriot's Colony. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING...
Dodie Hruby
Daughter Liz
Grandson Brian
Granddaughter Mariah
Arnold and Winnie
As everyone knows, the golf phenom named Arnold Palmer died last fall at 87 years of age. "The King," as he was both affectionately and reverently known by his fans and the sports media, was unquestionably the person most responsible for bringing golf from a country club game to a major worldwide sport, in both its amateur and professional arenas. His contribution to golf is legend indeed.  
At golf, he was a hard charger, but charismatic and very much the friendly guy next door in his personality, both on and off the course. And with help from his family and business partners, he also became very financially successful. For years, there wasn't a golf-associated item of any kind that you could buy without his name on it. He even had his own golf course, at which the USPGA (U.S. Professional Golf Association) conducted an annual well-respected golf tournament in his name.  KEEP READING...

Ode To An Olive
The tiny spheres of green and black Festoon the gin and vodka mix. They hide the core of red or white And add some zip to the olive's tricks.  As talk begins to slowly ebb. The agile host deftly ascends To the peak of Mount Martini. He assaults the green sphere With a spear of wood For transfer to a lady. The olive, its magic wrought once again Smiles sweetly awaiting its next call to duty. 
- Chuck McGinnis-