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With a rich tradition of serving those who have served our country.  Our new independent living will offer stunning apartments and set the standard of luxury retirement living in Virginia.

The expansion features three of the four story buildings, sixty apartment homes, designed to further enhance Patriots Colony's first- class, unparalleled lifestyle.

You can now watch the construction of Presidents Pavilion right from your computer!  Select the webcam image below or CLICK HERE to view the construction progress (time-lapse video) or other webcam options.

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New Faces!
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Memorial Day
Memorial Day was celebrated at Patriots Colony honoring those who have served so loyally in our military, many of whom are pictured below. Colonial Williamsburg's Thomas Jefferson, who is an excellent speaker, provided an interesting overview of the history of the United States Constitution. We take great pride in all of these men and women.

The Dupuy's & The Belden's
In 1959, Barbara Dunning married Ted DuPuy at the Manhasset Congregational Church, Manhasset, NY.  In 1960, I married Fred Belden at the same church.
Barbara's mother and my mother were friends. Barbara's older sister had been married the year before. Mrs. Dunning asked my mother if I would like to wear one of the brides' dresses. Barbara's dress was the best fit, though it had to be taken out a bit.
Barbara Depuy

Phyllis Belden

Barbara and I had participated in many of the same activities in school and church, though she was a year ahead of me. Our first reconnect was when Barbara and Ted moved to Patriots Colony. I told Barbara I had worn her wedding dress. That was the first she'd heard of it. She and Ted were deployed right after their wedding.

Once the Dupuys had unpacked, we compared our wedding pictures. Voila!  An old story, rediscovered.

- Phyllis Belden -

Lights!  Camera!  Action!
In November, 2014, Hugh Lessig, Military Affairs Editor for the Daily Press, was the Veterans Day speaker. Lessig said that although veterans are often reluctant to talk about their experiences, they should do so, as when they do "their stories are a gift to everyone," resonating with people and families. Recognizing the wealth of stories waiting to be told at Patriots Colony, Lessig strongly encouraged Dave Lester, Hal Campbell and Dick Sklar to consider recording these stories. The ball was put in Dick Sklar's court and that night the Patriots Project was born. 

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body. But rather, to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "WOW, What a ride!"
How We Met - Ernie & Marge
This story is a variant of "How We Met" in that it is not a husband and wife saga, but one of "special friends" of which there are quite a few here at Patriots Colony. It was at a New Resident's Welcome Aboard party, and I had just met a recently moved-in, tall and handsome one.

Well, it seemed that one of the regular Monday-Thursday night bridge players needed a partner the following week. "Why don't you ask that nice new resident if he could play with you," I suggested. (We're always looking for new players, as Jack Miley will readily tell you.) The reply received was that he had not played in about 50 some years and only then because the naval submarine commander played bridge rather than poker. But the new resident would be happy to try and it turned out he took to it like a duck to water.
We have a great Monday-Thursday duplicate group - no money, no master points - only bragging rights falling to all from time to time. Since it's a favorite game of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, it must be a fun way to keep our minds agile - we all hope.

One evening, our new resident really made a big splash when he bid and made 7 no trump and thought he deserved a gold star! As Ellen Morton had recently had an article in the Patriots Press on the Park Walkers group, I thought, "Okay, let's give the bridge group some publicity, too." Since it was July, we had to settle for red, white and blue stars and gold wrapped candy. We also asked Fred Lokay if he could take a picture, which he did. The picture turned out so well, we even started playing bridge together. End of saga.
- Marge Jones -
How We Met - The Pryor's
In 1944, after graduating from High School, I reported to the Navy V12 Officer Training Program at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. At that time, Purdue had a ratio of eight men for each woman, so the coeds were in seventh heaven and the cadets were crying in their beer (if we had been old enough to drink beer, which most of us were not). In any case, Lafayette had a USO Club which featured table tennis, soft drinks, sandwiches and a small dance floor manned, or should I say womened, by the various sororities. I think they took turns.

One Saturday in September of 1944, I stopped by to play ping-pong, have a sandwich and most importantly, check out the dance floor. I immediately spotted Terry who was the cutest little brunette I had ever seen. I asked her to dance and she said yes. Three minutes later, I was hopelessly smitten and that has never changed. I walked her back to the Delta Gamma House, did not tell her that I was only 18 and went back to Cary Hall walking on a cloud. Terry and I were married in February 1947, and so, just celebrated our 70th anniversary. And they said it wouldn't last!

 - Hal Pryor -

"Always keep your words soft and sweet in case you have to eat them."
My wife Kay and I are new to Patriots Colony coming here in November 2016. In our previous lives, we lived in Northern Virginia for 41 years. While there, we volunteered at the National World War II Memorial for the National Park Service and also greeted Honor Flight veterans as they came in to visit their memorials. While volunteering, we discovered that most people did not know about a simple way to honor that generation which I have attempted to explain below - the World War II Registry.  Keep Reading...