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Indeed, pictures are powerful!  They capture a moment in time, an emotion, a beautiful face, a life, a hope, a dream and sometimes pain and heartbreak  This letter is simply to allow you in to a few of those moments Treasure has experienced in the last months.  We want you to have a glimpse at the difference you've made through your prayers and gifts. The needs and opportunities are ongoing.  We thank you for your continued generosity!

Snapshots in Time...
The new school addition is almost complete.         What a story here! We were introduced to 25 malnourished, but greatly loved children eight years ago while doing our first conference in KabaGala, Uganda.  What was a tumble down structure has grown to a permanent structure used for the kitchen (taken in from the outside and the elements).   Two new schools house almost 300 students.  The students are now able to finish their public education in this school.  Some will be able to go on to higher education, but this will ensure all can continue their studies in a Christian environment.  By God's grace and your gifts we are still feeding these children (in partnership with KabaGala Church) two meals a day.  Amazing!!
Jolly Kids Nursery School is a new project we took on last year while in Kenya.  We met 105 orphaned children who were meeting five days a week in a church in a very poor area outside of Kisumu. A Volunteer staff teaches and cooks for them.  They are excellent brothers and sisters.  The children were happy and so obviously loved learning.  They were receiving three meals A WEEK.  We determined we could do better.  They now are being provided FIVE meals through your generosity.  And, we are told these are their only meals during the week.  It is noteworthy to mention that when these children lined up for their meal, not one pushed, no one broke in line and they even shared as they sat together eating.  
     We could see the  school/church was on its last leg and appeared a bit dangerous. A few weeks after our return it crumpled under high winds.  Through a gift we were able to rebuild the church into a more permanent structure.  We now feed a hundred or so children. Your gifts make this possible.  Not only do the children have a safe place to gather and learn, be nourished and loved, the congregation has a new and safe structure to gather and worship in.  When the Lord opens a door to this kind of opportunity, we desire to continue to walk through.  $450 a month is feeding these children.  $2500 built a church.  The pastor there has become a dear brother and friend...pray for them and consider being a part of blessing this work.    
A new Home for Hope
going up in Kenya.  
     These homes are built to shelter families who are virtually homeless or whose homes are in such ill repair they are dangerous.  They are built within a couple of days and then dedicated as a lighthouse in the village.  The village is invited to the dedication of the home and a Bible is presented to the family. A pastor (who has identified the need and potential) holds a Bible Study there in the home weekly.  After a time leadership is identified and it becomes a home church with continued care and oversight from the Pastor!  What an opportunity to affect change within a community.  For $500 you can build one. 
The work goes on, The Word is spread and the Kingdom of God is advancing.  

We continue to see fabulous opportunities to take the Gospel to the world...  
     Years ago I was told when founding Treasure, with virtually nothing but a vision, that while the people we served would love our hugs, it would be our money they would want.  I was reminded of Peter and John who told the begging lame man they had no money, but what they had they would give.  In truth the Gospel was their treasure and they willingly gave.  
    Through these years I have discovered that missions is costly to all involved, but as a friend of mine says, "the pay is good."  Every time we see a response to the Gospel, a soul saved, a healing manifest, a life changed, hope restored, a village renewed, a child fed, a smiling face, a full belly...every time, I am grateful.  Indeed, the pay is good!  
     I have also discovered that yes, people do respond to love, but they also need our help. The Gospel changes lives, families, villages...their environment.  Funds are needed and go a long way in these nations, our little makes a huge difference; however, it is the Gospel that is the foundation, the change agent and the vehicle that truly transforms lives and ultimately nations.  

Some highlights you have participated in...
     - Helped a pastor purchase a new vehicle.  He needs reliable transport to take teams,     resources and relief to his nation's most needy and unreached.
     - Purchased a boda-boda (aka motorcycle) to increase the effectiveness of a farmer/businessman.  With greater income and mobility he is helping furnish vegetables to families in need.
     - 100 Pastors now have Bibles of their own
     - 500 Gospels of John are being studied in various churches
     - 7 Homes for Hope 
     - 275 Students and Families had a Christmas party and given food supplies
     - Vitamins were distributed to KabaGala students
     - School uniforms were furnished for Jolly Kids Nursery School
     - A pastor who earns his living as a tailor was furnished with his own sewing machine
     - Three conferences were held
     - Leadership Development continues 

      And the needs and opportunities continue.  We will be back in Kenya this year reaching out to a group who has never had a conference, in need of a clear Gospel call and hungry for the Word of God.  

     We will meet with three Christian ministries to pray, explore and make plans for the future, their needs, their hopes...their vision... in order to come alongside them to see their nations grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We appreciate your prayers, your gifts, your encouragement!  
Thank you!!

hand made muddy pot close up view

We continue to endeavor to be that willing vessel in the hand of our Lord.  It is a privilege and we thank you for your investment in Treasure in Clay, which becomes an investment in spreading the Gospel.  We have not changed, we do not take any overhead and your gift goes to the work designated or general funds for conference expenses.  Words cannot express our gratitude, but know this comes from a grateful and full heart!

Blessings...JoNell B Gerland

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