Check out this issue for important information about emergency contact info, Think About It, MicroFridges, and student tickets!
New Student Newsletter
January 3, 2018
Volume 3

Happy New Year! We hope you are getting excited to come to Syracuse University!  Don't forget to complete the tasks on the 
New Student Checklist and review the Winter Welcome 2017 schedule.  We encourage you to attend all Winter Welcome events! 
Emergency Contact Info on MySlice
Don't leave this information blank! 

Did you know that many SU students choose to leave their emergency contact data screen blank? We believe that it is because you do not want us sharing information with your parents/family members without your permission; which, of course, is illegal, and not the purpose of this info screen at all.
The emergency contact data on  MySlice is used by University personnel for notification of someone in case of emergency if you are unable to do so yourself. In fact, the University does not mandate that this contact be a parent or guardian; it can be another relative or even a friend. The most important part is that this section is NOT left blank.
Log in to your  MySlice account and make sure that your emergency contact information is completed!
Think About It
Complete the online course by February 16th!

Think About It is a interactive, online experience designed to help students make smart decisions in college around sex, alcohol, and drugs. Created for students, by students, the course promotes a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone.

Think About It takes about two to two-and-a-half hours to complete. You can work at your own pace from any computer (requires Flash player). You can leave and return to the course at any time, and when you return, it will open to the page where you left off.  This online course is  mandatory for all new students.   Please note that failure to complete this course will affect your ability to register for fall 2018 classes.

You will receive an email directly from  Think About It with the subject line "Syracuse University Think About It Log-in" on January 16th.  Click on the link enclosed in the email from  Think About It to start the online course. 

*Please note, this Think About It information does not pertain to returning Discovery students.
Submit your Immunization Records
Deadline was December 15th!

Health history and immunization record forms are due to Health Services. Registering for your classes and receiving your housing assignment cannot be done until you submit your vaccination records.

In accordance with New York State law, the following vaccination records must be submitted to Health Services:
  • Two measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations
  • Meningococcal meningitis vaccination within the last five years and after the age of 16

Submit your records using the Health Services Patient Portal. You can log in using your SU NetID and password.

Questions? Contact Health Services at or 315.443.9005.
Student Season Tickets

Students entering during the spring semester can visit and follow the instructions for single game tickets. Students can then purchase any individual game tickets for Men's Basketball. Women's Basketball and Lacrosse are free of charge. 

Student Pass holders will receive exclusive experiences at many of these games. To partake in the exclusive experiences associated with the Student Pass, students are encouraged to purchase the $220 level pass. (The total for Men's Basketball student single game tickets for the spring semester is $195 with no experiences).   
Learn your SU Traditions!
National Orange Day

National Orange Day began on March 24, 1994, in commemoration of SU Founders Day. Alumni from around the world are asked to show their pride by sporting the color orange on the University's anniversary. SU students and others participate in service oriented activities. Organized by the Traditions Commission and the Office of Alumni Engagement, this day has hopes of being a legacy for years to come.
8 days until
Winter Welcome 2018!

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