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Tobacco, Reform, and Violence in Eighteenth-Century Papantla, Mexico
By Jake Frederick

Riot!: Tobacco, Reform, and Violence in Eighteenth-Century Papantla, Mexico is an exploration of the Totonac native community of Papantla, Veracruz, during the last half of the eighteenth century. Told through the lens of violent revolt, Riot! is the first book-length study devoted to Papantla during the colonial era. Riot! tells the story of a native community confronting significant disruption of its agricultural tradition, and the violence that change provoked. Papantla's story is told in the form of an investigation into the political, social, and ethnic experience of an agrarian community. The Bourbon monopolization of tobacco in 1764 disturbed a fragile balance, and pushed long-term native frustrations to the point of violence. Through the stories of four uprisings, Jake Frederick examines the Totonac's increasingly difficult economic environment, their view of justice, and their political tactics. Riot! argues that for the native community of Papantla, the nature of colonial rule was, even in the waning decades of the colonial era, a process of negotiation rather than subjugation.

Sussex Academic Press
The Elimination of the 'Fifth Column' in Republican Madrid during the Spanish Civil War
This book examines the most polemical atrocity of the Spanish civil war: The massacre of 2,500 political prisoners by Republican security forces in the villages of Paracuellos and Torrejón de Ardoz near Madrid in November/December 1936. The atrocity took place while Santiago Carrillo - later Communist Party leader in the 1970s - was responsible for public order. The issue of Carrillo's responsibility has been the focus of much historical research. Julius Ruiz places Paracuellos in the wider context of the 'Red Terror' in Madrid, where a minimum of 8,000 'fascists' were murdered after the failure of military rebellion in July 1936.

Sussex Academic Press

Keeping the Jewel in the Crown
The British Betrayal of India
By Walter Reid

When India became independent in 1947, the general view, which has prevailed until now, is that Britain had been steadily working for an amicable transfer of power for decades. In this book Walter Reid argues that nothing could be further from the truth. With reference to a vast amount of documentary material, from private letters to public records and state papers, he shows how Britain held back political progress in India for as long as possible - a policy which led to unimaginable chaos and suffering when independence was granted, and which created a legacy of hatred and distrust that continues to this day.

Birlinn, Ltd.

The Way It Was
A History of Gigha
The island of Gigha is a small gem, the most southerly of the true Hebridean islands, lying just off Tayinloan on Scotland's Kintyre peninsula. Gigha's good harbours, fertile land, mild climate and strategically useful position have given it a fascinating history. Catherine Czerkawska relates the sometimes turbulent story of the people of Gigha, from the settlers of prehistoric times, through successive incomers including the Celts, the Vikings, and the McNeill lords of this island. A few years ago Gigha was the subject of the largest community buyout in British history, and she brings the story up to date, in examining the relationship between a contemporary island community and its own rich past. The author, like so many people, fell helplessly in love at first sight with Gigha and returns to it time and again. This book explores just what it is that makes the island such an enchanting place.

Birlinn, Ltd.

Jewish Architecture
New Sources and Approaches
Edited by  Katrin Keßler, Edited by  Alexander von Kienlin

This volume presents a wide range of articles dealing with the various aspects of Jewish ­architecture throughout the centuries and its interaction with literature, politics, etc. Scholars from Europe, Israel and America presented their current research on Jewish ­architecture at the international conference "Jewish Architecture - New Sources and ­Approaches" at the Technische Universität Braunschweig in April 2014. The conference marked the twentieth anniversary of the fruitful German-Israeli cooperation of the Bet Tfila - Research Unit for Jewish Architecture in Europe.

Michael Imhof Verlag

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