Rainbow Cheerness Newsletter
Happy August Rainbowlandia! Welcome to our bi-monthly newsletter. The intention for this newsletter is to provide a space for staff to share with each other. We hope to create opportunities for everyone to share and connect. 

Value: Integrity 

According to dictionary.com, the definition of  Integrity  is the state of being whole and undivided. We like this definition to describe working at Rainbowlandia. We have a place with so many great people working in unity to serve families. We are ultimately all united in the cause to help end the cycle of violence.

Luau Fun at Rainbowlandia! 

Thank you to everyone that came out and to those who participated in putting this event together. We had the chance to have fun and enjoy a delicious lunch. 

Competition Winners:

- Best outfit: Kristi and Anna S.
- Hula Hoop Queen: Maria Acuna 

Carielle E. with her $25 gift card to Hojas Tea House.
Value Competition 

"What about working at Rainbow Services inspires you?" 

The winner, Carielle Escalante, Paralegal, had to say: " I have been with Rainbow for over 2 years.  I am inspired by seeing the change from victims to survivors,  and the self-empowerment that comes with that."

  We received other responses:

 "I have been working at Rainbow for 6 ½    years.  What inspires me most are the reactions that I get when, in a training that I am leading, someone "gets it."  It could be a high school student who realizes that she is in an unhealthy relationship and wants to do something about it.  It could be a 4th grader whose face lights up when he realizes that he can be safe.  It could be a prospective volunteer who suddenly understands why victims have such difficulty leaving.  It could be staff from another agency whose smiles let me know they understand that DV happens everywhere all the time. It might be nursing students, paramedics, court personnel, or anyone else who now has a better understanding of DV.  I admire everyone who wants to help and whatever I can do to enrich the understanding of DV so people can better help is my inspiration to do more." - Judy Gordon 

Coming Up Next... 

For the upcoming Cheerness Newsletter, we'd like to focus on self-care and wellness. How do you practice self-care and wellness? Is it exercise, yoga, time with family and/or pets? 

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