By George elves will be serving cheer daily 
through to Christmas Day!

Be sure to follow our By George Journal over the next three weeks, for countless posts celebrating the Christmas season. Our wordsmith elves will be busy providing remarkable quotes, the best of Christmas humour, seasonal facts and articles - all guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. Follow the By George Facebook page and our Twitter @byGeorgeJournal to drink in a steady stream of creative yule time content. 

It is a very social time of year. So, let us provide you with merry sayings and helpful information. Our content will ensure you suffer no awkward silences with your family and friends, or at office parties. We encourage you to use our bons mots and share the posts widely - spread the joy!  

Now, what better way to start this Christmas season celebration than with  a traditional eggnog recipe and 3 tips for being a good conversationalist? Also, t o put a smile on your face this morning, here's a fun post from our Christmas archives: #FakeChristmasSongFacts tweets

We hope to have a little fun through December. We ask that you take up a glass and join the party. Enjoy the By George Virtual Eggnog Bowl!

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