Cheese of the Month for May 2017
The cheese of the month selections for May are here and ready for pick up at the shop.

This month, we have some "Wisconsin Delights", all of them extra-aged to develop complex exciting flavors.  Each cheese selection has a younger cousin that is delicious in it's own right, but the cheese-makers have taken these "reserve" versions to another level.  We were inspired for this month's selections by a visit from cheese-maker Andy Hatch, when we tasted several different ages of his award-winning Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese. 

In the mass market, Wisconsin may be known for their cheese curds and brick cheese, but we hope you will also enjoy some of the finest Artisan cheeses Wisconsin has to offer in this month's selections!
We are including a PDF of our cheese and tasting notes, so click below to see this month's sheet.

See you soon!


~Jon and Veronica