Cheese of the Month for September 2017
The cheese of the month selections for September are here and ready for pick up at the shop.

This month we are traveling to the Island of Sardinia.  The second largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy.  Famous for its cuisine, in addition to the prevalent seafood, Sardinia is major producer of Sheep's milk and cheese, many of the dairies on the mainland buy high quality sheep's milk from Sardinia for production of cheeses like Romano, but the islanders also produce some of their own special cheeses.  This month we have selected some lessor known varietals that we think you'll enjoy.  

In addition to your cheese selection, we are also including a new favorite of ours, Fregola, a unique "toasted" pasta that can be prepared like traditional pasta or slow cooked with broth like Risotto.

We hope you enjoy this month's selections and look forward to seeing you all in the shop.
We are including a PDF of our cheese and tasting notes, so click below to see this month's sheet.

See you soon!


~Jon and Veronica