Culinary Storyteller
A Wrap Up of 2017
Dear friends, followers, colleagues and foodies,
As we end the year and I prepare for My Big Adventure 2018, I wanted to take a minute to reflect upon the past year’s travels and discoveries.
January/February Mexico Road Trip
Although it was plagued with a lemon of a rental car, the food, sights and community were inspiring. From roadside seafood stands in Champotón to a luxe resort in Cancun, we really saw the variety and culture that the Yucatán holds.
Selling Great Thyme in June
After 20 years of catering events from small private dinners to hors d’ oeuvres for thousands, I decided it was time to make a change. My friends and colleagues at Blend Catering were the perfect match to take over the reins and continue creating delicious and memorable meals for my long-time clients. 
Getting Back to Basics in July
I took a week away from the real world to re-discover some passions that I had forgotten about over the years. Just me and a fly rod, tackling the rivers, streams and lakes of the Sierras reminded me to enjoy the simple things. I have always preached about keeping food simple, but I’m not sure I practiced it as I should have. Grilling a beautiful brown trout, fresh caught in the morning, over an open fire surrounded by tall pines immediately brought that philosophy to the forefront of my mission.
Meat & Fire in October
Speaking of getting back to basics, the October fundraiser for Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada was just that. The students at Douglas High welded together the tools, Borda Ranch raised the lamb and myself and the Blend team lit the fire. As a chef, it’s such a delight to be able to cook the meal that I want and have people enjoy it. That Sunday in Genoa lit a fire in me to look deeper into why I became a chef and where I want to put that energy in the future.
Mexico City and the Trip of a Lifetime
Also in October, I was delighted to be a guest at the fifth World Forum on Mexican Gastronomy . You all know how much I love my Mexican cuisine, and this was my chance to share that with students, chefs and dignitaries of Mexico. I learned so much and made connections with folks (always surrounded by great food of course) that solidified my desire to discover more. Around the same time, I decided that I was jumping in with both feet and leaving all comforts behind to really work on discovering my role in the culinary world. I’ve long thought it wasn’t in the kitchen, but I’m not exactly sure where I need to land. In the all or nothing style that I am known for, I booked a year long trip through four continents!
My Year of Discovery
15 countries, 4 continents and 50 new friends will be my life for the next 12 months. Discovering how and why people from all walks of life make dining such a big part of their lives. I’m seeking out the people and ingredients behind cooking over open flames and the people that flock to a table to enjoy it. Asado in Argentina, seaside grills in Lima, Peak in Croatia, tagging in Morocco and braai in South Africa will make next year a tasty one!

Stay tuned for updates during my trip.
I’m Chef Clint Jolly. My entire life has been in the food world, having grown up in a butcher shop, learning how to properly cut meat at five and serving my own creations to customers by age 13. Traveling the world, working with culinary professionals and students, and gathering the flavors of the globe are my passion. Enjoy!