Culinary Storyteller
Greetings from México
Hello from Mexico City and the World Forum on Mexican Gastronomy ! I’m here with some of the best chefs in Mexico and from around the world, learning about the secret spices and ingredients in true Mexican cuisine. I'm also learning how Mexico plans to produce enough of them to meet the world’s new-found desire for Mexican food. Stay tuned for much more… FMGM Facebook page .
I get back from Mexico City just in time to launch our 6th annual Reno Bites Week October 9-15. For our first ever themed event, we went with my personal favorite, Road Trip, and we have a ton of signature events happening around the city. My RBW co-founder, Natasha Bourlin, and I are super excited to have Whole Foods Market as a sponsor this year and we extend many thanks to our main event sponsor Sysco . Pick up your RBW Passport at Whole Foods and collect stickers at participating restaurants to be entered into a drawing for some really fun prizes. Grand prize is a 6-pack of classes at Nothing To It! , where I will be teaching a master class on November 2. (See below for more information.)

The best part of Reno Bites Week for me is seeing all the chefs around town pulling together to create a community event around the exciting food scene in Reno.
I can’t wait to see you there!
Harvest Moon Estate & Winery is my favorite winery in the wine country. It’s a small family estate in Santa Rosa that farms 85% of the grapes that go into their wines. Randy, the owner, approaches his wine the way I approach my food – he’s a farmer at heart and he’s hands on all the way. Because of this, Harvest Moon wine is never the same year to year. Heat, rain, frost…all have an impact on the varietals. Randy has shared stories of picking grapes at 2 a.m. during a recent super-hot season so they wouldn’t die in the sun.

I am so excited to have been asked to cook the first wine dinner in seven years at Harvest Moon! We’ll pair sparkling Zinfandels and Gewürztraminers with South American and Mexican appetizers, Zinfandel with Portuguese steamed clams and Cabernets with Peruvian roasted pork, Moroccan brick chicken and Croatian paprickash, a true ‘round the world dining experience! Sign up HERE !
When the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada asked me if I would cook for their Fall Affair benefit on October 1 to raise money for a Carson Valley clubhouse, and I could use my imagination for the menu, I immediately thought of Borda lambs seared Argentine-style over an open flame. Click on the photo below for our very cool video!
Cook with Me! On Thursday, November 2, at 6 p.m . I am teaching a master class at Nothing To It! in Reno. The entire menu is based around what I learn from the classes I attend and the food I eat at the Forum in Mexico City, which promises to be cutting-edge, non-traditional Mexican food. No nachos or burritos, this is the stuff you’re not used to seeing. I’ll be bringing back products like dried spices, chiles, masa…anything I can get my hands on that is not available in the US.

Be sure to Sign Up early – you won’t want to miss it.
I’m Chef Clint Jolly. My entire life has been in the food world, having grown up in a butcher shop, learning how to properly cut meat at five and serving my own creations to customers by age 13. Traveling the world, working with culinary professionals and students, and gathering the flavors of the globe are my passion. Enjoy!