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January 2013
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Chelsea's Story of Hope 

In a lot of ways, Chelsea is a typical girl. She likes shopping at the mall, laughing with her friends - and she loves to dance.


But Chelsea struggles with autism and cognitive impairment, so every day presents significant challenges for her.


For 16 years, Chelsea's family worked around the clock to care for her at home. Chelsea didn't eat or sleep regularly, so her mother, Sheila, didn't either.


As she grew, Chelsea became physically aggressive. She'd scream and throw things, punch holes in the walls and bang her head. Sometimes, she'd bolt out the door and run into the street. "It was exhausting. I was always on the move," Sheila says. "I was always thinking 'Where's Chelsea?'"


Sheila realized that Chelsea needed more help than she could provide herself. "But the residential schools we visited had such a horrible, sad feel to them," she explains. "I just couldn't place my child in that kind of setting."


All Sheila wanted was for her daughter to grow and learn - to live as joyfully and independently as possible.


"I wanted to walk in and see happiness," Sheila explains, "and that's exactly what I saw at The Hope Institute. There's pure happiness everywhere."


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 Give the Gift of Hope

Your support ensures that children like Chelsea, who struggle with multiple developmental disabilities, will find promising and hopeful futures through the individualized education and care that only Hope provides.


Thank you for making hopeful futures possible for Hope's children.


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Hope's children deliver gift bags 

In December, Laura Sandrolini's classroom sponsored a Christmas party for residents of Heritage Manor in Springfield.  


Leading up the the annual outing, Hope's children planned the entertainment, selected and wrapped 43 gift packages for residents.


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Special visitors headed to HILA 

When it's too cold outside to go to the Zoo, why not bring the Zoo to the school!


HILA is proud to announce that The Traveling World Of Reptiles will be visiting our school this January.  

The Traveling World of Reptiles presentation is an entertaining, up-close, live, educational animal show.


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Style of Hope Fashion Show

Be sure to mark your calendars for Central Illinois' social event of the season!


Join us Thursday, March 21, for the 8th Annual

Style of Hope Fashion Show at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Springfield.



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Santa & reindeer visit Hope 

On December 20th, Hope's children celebrated the holidays with a special visit from Santa and one of his reindeer.  


The annual holiday celebration, included a morning sing-a-long, themed games, activities, and the opportunity for children to get their photo taken with both Santa and his reindeer!


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