February 2017

We have moved into the second semester and spring is in the air, at least for the fleeting moment. I am delighted to share with you our newsletter that includes some highlights of what has been happening, special events that are soon to come and, a wonderful invitation to help us reflect how we may desire to respond to God's love this Lent.

At Notre Dame School we are aware that we are a small but essential part of "God's Project," a term used by Joseph Tetlow, SJ. We are called to remember that God has created us to labor with God to bring about God's Kingdom of goodness, truth and beauty. We are invited to prayer so we are better able to discern our role in God's project and align our desires with God's. We move forward, knowing that our good works and the goodness of others are all part God's desire that we may be one.

I hope you enjoy catching up on our news and learning about how blessed we all are to be part of Chez Nous. As always, please know of my gratitude for all you do for us at Notre Dame School.

Warm regards,
Dr. Virginia O'Brien, S.U.
Chez Nous  Spotlight: Britnney Ron'17  

Before  Chez Nous , Notre Dame senior Britnney Ron called Guayaquil, Ecuador home. Eleven years after arriving in the Bronx Britnney has overcome a language barrier, adapted to a new culture and has made the most of the opportunities. Her latest achievement, a full-scholarship to Middlebury. 
Chez Nous  Angel: Mary Pat Hanigan Peterson '40 

On Monday, September 14, 1936, Mary Patricia Hanigan arrived at The Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes for her first day of high school. Eighty years later, on September 14, 2016 Mary Pat passed away in Vancouver, Washington. Her life was filled with adventures, love, family and a devotion to her school. Click here to read the full story.
Please join us on Saturday, March 25 for the 60th Annual
Chez Nous  Benefit to support the Notre Dame School Scholarship Program! 
Tickets are selling quickly,  click here to purchase your tickets today.

Alumnae give back to their  Chez Nous Sisters

ND alumnae returned  Chez Nous  for the annual alumnae college panel to share their advice, experiences and insights into the college process with their  Chez Nous  sisters.   Click here to read the full story.
February is Matching Gift Month! 

Did you know that over  23,000  companies across the United States and beyond match charitable gifts made by their employees to their favorite non-profits and charities?  Click here to see if your employer will match your gift to Notre Dame, doubling or even tripling your support  Chez Nous.

Have you made your gift to The Notre Dame Annual Fund? 

Lent 2017: Going Deeper

Crucifix in Javier, Spain.
Once again, Lent is almost upon us. By now you would think we would be used to the idea.  It rolls around annually, just in time to replace New Year's resolutions with the "what am I going to do for Lent?" question.  Some years it might bring with it the relief that winter must be going to end soon or the hope that a few pounds might be shed.  Other years it might not be so welcome.  Lent is so long!  Why can't we just have one day or one week to get ready for Easter?  Click here to read the full story.

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