St. Augustine's is filling up with young folks who have ideas that they want to share with the Lord and His children. Miss Dora came up with an idea to provide a tea for all of the mothers and their families after church on Mother's Day. Her mom, Wendy, provided the "woman-power" to assist Dora, and the mission was accomplished in grand style - including handmade flower pins for all of the ladies (made by Dora, of course).
Thank you, Dora, for your example to all of us, children and adults, alike, to get moving for the Lord. Thank you, Mama Wendy, for your cheerleading and labor to make it happen.

And this is a great time to thank other child leaders in our church who have begun to make cakes and cookies to bring to our Fellowship Hour after church, and for the adults with child-like spirits who bake and bring on Sundays with regularity. God bless you all.

Pentecost Sunday is this Sunday. Wear red to church!
Our names are Harrison (Harry) and Liz Ealey. We just moved here from Pittsburgh and in getting to know the people of this church we have sensed a need for structured young adult community and thus, after speaking with Father Kevin, have decided to organize St. Augustine’s young adult ministry.

Our main vision for the young adult group is to organize fellowship events as well as develop a small group where young adults meet for study, discussion, and prayer. We are defining young adults as people in their 20s and 30s, regardless of life stage (student, married, single, etc). We plan to kick the small group and fellowship events off this summer, starting the first week of June... more
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Sam Buehler has sent out an appeal for mission support through a BUNCO NIGHT or donation. Here is the information:
Ohioans are painfully familiar with the toils of addiction. Amidst the Opiate Crisis we are flooded with headlines. News articles and media. Our home state holds the second highest overdose rate per capita and numbers continue to rise. Treatment centers are overwhelmed, jails are full, and hospitals are flooded with people trapped in the cycle of addiction. The Opiate Epidemic is unprejudiced; it affects loved ones of every walk of life but you can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support, we can’t wait to see you for the Bunco tournament!... more
Young Lives is a ministry to teenage mothers and their children. Each summer Young Life has a special camp week exclusively for teen moms and their babies. Young moms are given the opportunity to be a kid again, enjoying a resort-like camp experience without neglecting their duties as a mother. During camp, the young mothers get a break from the struggles of their daily lives. Teen moms get the chance to relax, take part in fun activities and learn about God and His plan for their lives. It’s a week filled with fun, adventure and the message of Christ’s unconditional love.
As Young Lives mentors and committee members, we try to make the week special in large and small ways. One taskis to prepare gift bags with personal items and toiletries for each girl to use during camp.  Would you be interested in helping with the purchase and/or preparation of these bags?
Let's chat at church or contact me by  clicking here

Thank you!
---Beth Buehler
We are growing in all sorts of ways at St. Augustine's. From the recent survey of the parishioners, we learned that almost half of those completing the form found our church through the internet. God has graced us with several in the parish with media/marketing gifts, and we will be using those to get the word out about St. Augustine's. Wade and Sara S. presented fresh marketing ideas to the vestry last Sunday. Mary Megan and Deanna have joined the Communications Team to accelerate our use of Facebook and the website. Also, Mary Megan is going to create an Instagram account for us. We have a  Twitter account,  open for use! 

If you have ideas about improving the effectiveness of our on-line presence, let us know. And...if you are interested in contributing on the Communications Team, let me know. And...if you have not checked out our FB page,  click here  and LIKE US! We are striving to reach 350 likes by the end of the year.

Young Sam made his church debut playing the harpsicle on Mother's Day, May 13, 2018 at St. Augustine's Anglican Church in Westerville, OH. He was accompanied by Val Bowser on piano and Danyelle Phelps on the violin. He received a standing ovation!

Birthday Cake
May 10
Santosh M.
May 13
John K.
May 15
Timon C.
May 18
Curt C.
May 22
Mary A.
May 23
John Samuel W.
May 25
Robyn B.
Mike P.
May 31
James S.

May 9
Jeanne and Jeff Quayle

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