March 21, 2017
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March 26

Elle LaForge

Celie Ann Rollins
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Need to switch acolyte times with another family? Email Becky for a contact sheet and then let Becky know who is subbing for you.


Refreshment Providers

March 26

Rebecca and Fred Blevins

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Bella Davis, March 21 (TODAY!)

James Caldwell, March 22

Liam Martin, March 23

Happy birthday, everyone! 
We love you!

What's Happening
 in Sunday School?
godly play 

As we get ready for Easter this Sunday, we study the story of the temptations of Jesus.

Upcoming Events

April Children's Event
Roller Skating at FBG
April 7
May Children's Event
May 5
Celebration Lunch 
for Fifth Graders & Their Families
May 7
Vacation Bible School BLAST
9:15 am June 4 - 7 am June 5

 Missions Week for Children who've Finished Grades 1 &2
June 12-15, 2017
Missions Week for Children
who've Finished Grades 3,4,5
June 19-22, 2017
Camp Prism 2017
(for Grades 3-5) 
July 11-14, 2017
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Thank you, Tigist Campbell, for sharing your artwork!
spring-word-flowers.jpg Happy Spring, everyone!
I hope you're enjoying our first week of the season! Summer will be here before we know it!

Speaking of summer, have you registered your children yet for summer activities at FBG?
Registering early helps us so much because it gives us an idea of what needs we'll have for supplies and transportation. You can register now and pay anytime before May 24 to get the early payment rate. Scroll down to click on flyers for all the info you need, as well as the link to sign up.

Just a reminder: we never want cost to be a factor in the decision for your child to participate in our summer events. Let me know if I can help you make that happen.

Love, Becky

Becky Ramsey
Minister to Children


roller Skating
Friday, April 7, 5:30-7:45
Practice Gym, FBG
Pizza and Roller Skating
with Roller Time Academy!

$8 + Donation of gallon Ziplock bags or heavy duty paper plates 
for the Ronald McDonald House

Chaperones needed.
Sign up HERE through April 5.

Our online summer registration is up and open through  May 24 !
Click HERE to register.
Keep in mind that space is limited                  for Missions Weeks and Camp Prism.                  (Register  early if possible.)
All our flyers are online and printable and loaded with information. Click the blue titles below to view each one.

June 4, 9:15 am - June 5, 7am
For all FBG kids who've finished grades 1-5
Tons of volunteers will be needed so we hope all families can help in some way- joining in the fun with kids or preparing meals or staying the night. Look for a separate volunteer sign up in a few weeks. 
It's going to be AWESOME! :)

June 12 - June 15, 9 am - Noon
For kids who've finished grades 1-2

June 19 - June 22, 9 am - 3:30 pm
For kids who've finished grades 3-5

July 11-14
For FBG kids who've finished grades 3-5

youth choir
We can't wait to enjoy your music, children!


Each year we take time to celebrate and honor our fifth graders with a nice lunch and short program, including giving of gifts, before summer starts and gets away from us and they move on to the Youth Department. 

Families of fifth graders, we hope you'll put our celebration lunch on your calendar and make plans to attend. This year our lunch will be...
 Sunday, May 7, 11:30-1:00 pm.
You'll receive an invitation in the mail.
We're looking forward to celebrating your fifth grader!
Every Lenten season, we prepare for Easter by walking through the stories of Jesus's life in the Godly Play series, The Faces of Easter. This past Sunday we enjoyed the story of the baptism of Jesus.

1. I wonder what your favorite part of this story is.
*When Jesus was born because I like that part (grade 1)
*The cross because he has the cross on his face (g1)
*John was confused and thought Jesus should baptize him (g1)
*John the Baptist (g2)
*When Jesus was with the priest (g2)
*When John baptized Jesus (g3)
*When the dove came down (g3, 5)
*John eating locusts and honey, Jesus being baptized by John (g4)
*This is my own son and I am well pleased (g4)
*Heaven opening up (g4)
*John the Baptist - looking like a scary person (g5)
2. I wonder what the most important part of the story is.
*The dove because heaven is really important and the dove reminds me of heaven (g1)
*Baptism (g2, 3,4)
*The dove (g2)
*When he went (away) for forty days (g2)

3. I wonder what God can teach us from this story.
*It's important to love instead of hate. Jesus loves and doesn't hate (g1)
*No matter if you're really special, you can get baptized (g2)
*We can get baptized just like Jesus did (g3)

4. I wonder where you are in this story- what part of the story is meant for you or about you.
*The priest because I can talk to the priest (g1)
*When Jesus is talking with the priests (g2)
*I would be in a tree watching the baptism (g2)
*Getting baptized (g3)

5. God and the Holy Spirit gave Jesus a blessing. I wonder what a blessing is. I wonder if you've ever been given a blessing and how that felt. I wonder if you've ever given anyone else a blessing.
*I gave a member of my family a blessing because their house burned down so I blessed them with a prayer (g1)
*Blessings make you feel the way you are supposed to feel (g1)
*I've been given tons of blessings by my friends, teachers... (g2)
*My mom gave me a blessing when I broke my arm (g2)
*A blessing means a miracle (g2)
*A blessing is a gift (g3)
*God has given us many blessings (g3)
*Helping other people (g3)
*Operation Inasmuch (is a way to give blessings) (g5)

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