The Parable of the Ten Virgins (section)
Phoebe Anna Traquair
Mansfield Traquair Church, Edinburgh

Old Donation Episcopal Church

November 12, 2017
Twenty third Sunday after Pentecost

Weekly Chimes

Happy November! With temps in the 50's, it actually feels like November for Bob Randall the first time. Yesterday, the sky looked like snow! (I was hoping... but getting bashed for such thoughts.)   This will be a busy week.  
Tonight, the Wednesday teaching and discussion will focus on Worship and Space. We will talk about how the design of space facilitates or inhibits good worship. We have a wonderful traditional space for the Church and use many different configurations in the Gathering. We will talk about benefits, or not, of various designs and how they fit our Anglican style of worship. It is particularly relevant since we will be building a new space that is used for many purposes, including worship. 
Friday at 2:00PM we will give thanks to God for the lives of Preble and Isabell Staver. Few have had as interesting a life as this couple. Few have similar opportunities that they used faithfully to serve God and nation. Come and join us for the service, burial and reception. 
Sunday is our recognition of Veterans' Day in worship. Our tradition is for active and retired military members to wear uniforms to church if they wish. We will give thanks for their service, which parallels Preble and Isabell's life journey, and include "Eternal Father, strong to save" in our liturgy. Usually there is a group picture taken out on the steps after the 10:30 worship. 
Ashley is in the Gathering, and I will be preaching in the Church at all three services. We get the troublesome parable about "wise and foolish bridesmaids" - which I am rethinking of as the "too late bridegroom"... Fred is back from speed skating and we may have a visit from Jacqueline Soltys. So don't miss!
See you soon!

What's Happening Today...

6:00pm Holy Eucharist
6:30pm Supper
Adult Studies: Worship and Space 
GriefShare 6:00pm in Alfriend House
Tomorrow, Thursday morning
Holy Eucharist 10:00am, Bible Study at 11:00am.  
Nottalotta Acres Farmer's Market
Every Thursday, 4:00pm - 7:00pm in our parking lot. 
Homemade baked goods, too!  
Young Adults
Every Thursday, 5:30pm - 7:00pm in Alfriend House.  
Supper and babysitting are provided! 
Funeral: Preble & Isabell Staver
THIS Friday, 10 November 2:00pm, with a reception following  
Veterans Day Remembrance
We will recognize Veteran's Day this Sunday.  
Active Duty and Veterans, please wear your uniforms! 
December Bell Ringer Articles
Always due the 3rd Wednesday of the month prior - that's next Wednesday, 15 November! Email your submission to Gretchen
Oyster Roast is in less than two weeks!
  • The POD is here! Bring your "treasures" to donate for the White Elephant room. Remember: no clothing or electronics. Contact Carolyn for information or with questions.
  • We need bakers for the Oyster Roast! Contact Shelby for info!
  • Silent Auction items needed! Restaurant gift cards, fine items, gift baskets. Contact Laura if you have a nice item to donate!
  • We need volunteers! Contact Tony Putzig 777-0124 or Betts Werbiskis 434-2557
Transportation Help Needed!
On Tuesday, 28 November, Jeane Wood needs a ride to Richmond
   for a consultation at MCV. The appointment is at 12:30 at the bone marrow dept. The friend that normally drives Jeane will be out of town. 
   If anyone in our church community can help, Jeane will be more than happy to pay for gas, plus lunch or dinner.
 Contact Jeane directly! 757-646-4081 
2017 Angel Tree - Help Needed!
We need people to call our 44 households - phone script provided
Contact Vaughn Wilson or Martha: (757) 460-4723

This Sunday!

November 12th 6:00-8:00PM
When you are grieving a loved one's death, the holiday season can be especially painful. Our Surviving the Holidays seminar helps participants discover: How to deal with emotions, what to do with traditions, helpful tips for surviving social events, how to find hope for the future.  Please join us, invite a friend. I n the Parish Hall. 

Ministry Links

Sunday, 12 November 2017 
Twenty Third Sunday after Pentecost

8:00am Holy Eucharist, Rite I:  The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr.
9:15am Holy Eucharist, Rite II:  The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr.
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II:  The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr.
10:30am The Gathering, Holy Eucharist: The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi

Parish Office

Gretchen Hood, Parish Administrator,
The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector, brandall@olddonationorg
The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Assistant Rector,
The Rev. Fred Poteet, Associate Rector,
Marta Cohen, Youth Minister,

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