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Employee of the Month!
Leanne Kranz
MedEx/Rehab Trainer, Personal Trainer Specialist 
Employee of the Month for July is  Leanne!
For "doing a great job inspiring clients doing MedEx trials to sign up for a life changing experience and  working them very hard so as to get optimal results".

Within a week Freya has seen people who were  disappointed by Claire leaving, very happy and satisfied with their  sessions with Leanne.  

Congratulations Leanne!!
Drug Free Solutions to Common Health Issues
Dr. Nik Bair-Patel
Chiropractor, Acupuncture
Chiropractic or Opioids:
Which should you choose?

More and more we are hearing about the growing problems in society as a result of the over use and abuse of prescription opioids. There were over 9 million prescriptions for opioids written in the last year in Ontario, a significant percentage of which were for musculoskeletal based pain.   There has been a four fold increase over the last 25 years in accidental (read avoidable) deaths totaling over 580 in the last year alone. One out of every eight deaths between the ages of 25 to 34 involved opioids. Canada wide, the total number climbs to an estimated 2500 deaths last year. 
Half of all opioid- related deaths also involved a benzodiazepine, 18% involved antihistamines, and 9% involved a tricyclic antidepressant. If you are in significant pain and taking any of these medications as well, it is important to be aware of the strong association of risk related to taking opioids

Can you imagine the devastation this wreaks on loved ones and friends?  All health agencies are describing this as a crisis and saying that more stringent guidelines for the prescription of these very powerful drugs needs to be put in place. If you are in pain, they can be very effective in helping manage the pain but with great risk. Other drugs used for pain have their own inherent risk profiles that increase with use, like Tylenol which has a  very negative impact on the liver, including causing liver cirrhosis. The second most commonly prescribed pain medications are the NSAIDs such as Aspirin & Ibuprofen, which are known to cause bleeding in the gut.

But there are alternatives  - ones that are being acknowledged in the media and medical community.  Chiropractic care is one of those alternatives as a natural, drug free approach to pain and disability with much lower side effect profile. But more importantly, it is a broad approach to overall physical health, utilizing many scientifically validated interventions.

Chiropractic has long been understood as primary care for bodily aches and pains. It has often been seen however, as a second thought, when other things don't work.  That is no longer the case among the medical researchers.  The recently published Canadian Guidelines for Opioid Therapy and Chronic Non-Cancer Pain urge practitioners to maximize non-opioid pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacological therapy options before considering opioids.

One of the reasons for the success of chiropractic care is that it includes lifestyle management such as diet, exercise and ergonomics, all of which can have a significant impact on how a person manages their pain while performing daily activities.  Exercise, for example, can strengthen tissue around an injured joint and reduce the spasm and inflammation that leads to pain.  Anti-Inflammatory diets and supplements can reduce the bodies' inflammation over-reaction, thus minimizing the pain response as well.  And by using our body properly in our environment, we can avoid further injuries and reduce pain involved in common activities such as sitting, bending and lifting. 

So if you or someone close to you is in physical pain and needs help to manage it, remember to think of chiropractic doctors first and foremost . We are experts in musculoskeletal health and best suited to help you diagnose and manage your condition through direct care or with collaboration with other health care providers. We will  effectively reduce and manage pain with the lowest side effects risks possible, even helping to reduce the need for pain medications to their lowest effective dose when they are necessary.

      Gomes T, Greaves S, Martins D, et al. Latest Trends in Opioid-Related Deaths in                               Ontario: 1991 to 2015. Toronto: Ontario Drug Policy Research Network; April 2017.
     Canadian Guidelines for Opioid Therapy and Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

Stretching or no Stretching-that is the Question!
Leanne Kranz, MedEx/Rehab Trainer
Personal Trainer Specialist

Many people stretch when they exercise or play sports. Others don’t stretch but feel they should. And some people don’t see any reason to stretch at all. Many are dissuaded from adding stretching to a daily workout routine, as it does not provide a flatter abdomen or a stronger heart. Nevertheless, few know that stretching can actually help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.

Dynamic exercise and strength training require stable muscles that work smoothly.  Exercising is known to cause muscle shortening. Routine stretching counteracts this process, promoting flexibility in your muscles and joints, helping them move through their full range of motion.

Warmed-up muscles are more likely to control the stresses placed upon them that are caused by exercises. Mild stretching is recommended, especially prior to robust exertion of the muscles. Stretching without proper technique tends to be less effective and possibly damaging if an injury ensues. It is important to be careful while stretching, as the knees and lower back are susceptible to injury.

There are several ways to get the most out of your stretching pre- and post-workout. I have outlined some recommendations for incorporating stretching into your exercise routine.
  • Walking or light jogging for 5-10 minutes will warm-up your muscles prior to stretching and working out. It is not recommended to stretch muscles when they are cold.
  • Stretching should be undertaken at least 2-3 times per week.
  • All muscles groups that will be used in your exercise routine should be stretched.
  • Each muscle group should be stretched individually and slowly. Do not bounce during the stretch or make abrupt movements. You should focus on breathing and exhaling as you move further into the stretch. Any stretch position should be held no longer than 20-30 seconds, in 3 to 5 repetition cycles.
  • Stretching should not be painful, so stop if you feel pain. If you stretch the wrong way, there is a possibility that you can cause small tears in your muscles, which can increase in size during the workout. 

Incorporation of frequent and routine stretching into your pre- and post-workout can be very beneficial to your overall flexibility. This will also help you accomplish your fitness goals. With your fitness goals being accomplished faster without injury, you will be on a faster track to being a healthier person. 
Client Story
Rachael Bowman, Nutrition and Footwear Associate
"Probiotics and Fish oils helped with Weight Loss!"
A few weeks back I had the pleasure of speaking to a woman whose 13 year old son was having some health issues. She told me that he had recently had his tonsils removed and was put on medications - and for some reason he had gained weight and just could not lose it.  He was eating healthily and had enjoyed doing so, and they could not figure out where the struggle had started. I suggested that her son take probiotics in order to re-establish the good bacteria in his body that had been stripped from being on anti-biotics and a liquid fish oil to help reduce any inflammation. She took my advice because she desperately wanted to get her son back to his healthy weight.  Within as little as 3 weeks she was back in the store to show me before and after photos and there was drastic improvement! His cheeks alone had completely reduced in size and he looked happy and healthy. Mom was too!

Topo Athletic
Rachael Bowman, Nutrition and Footwear Associate
Out with the old and In with the New!  We are steering away from the traditional running shoes and bringing in Topo athletic shoes. Topo athletic offers a unique fit and feel that encourages instinctive and natural movement to help maximize athletic performance. The roomy toe box offers plenty of room for the toes to spread and splay. A secure fit through the heel and midfoot allows the shoe to move with your body.  Their Low drop cushioned midsoles are engineered with a 0 to 5mm heel-to-toe drop, encouraging natural loading and foot motion during the gait cycle. One thing you will love about Topo shoes is their ultralight materials and seam-reducing construction techniques that will keep weight down and blisters at bay.  They are 3-D printed!  Whether your are road running, trail running or fitness training you will gain all the benefits that Topo athletic shoes have to offer. With over 30 years of  shoemaking and competitive running experience, Topo guarantees a better running and fitness experience. Come in today and try on a pair to feel the instant comfort your feet have been missing, 
Nuun Tablets
Taylor Warner-Decaire 
Health Coach/ MedEx Trainer/  Chiropractic Assistant
Are you tired of drinking plain water? Are you drinking 8 cups a day? It is very difficult to drink enough water throughout the da but Nuun may be able to help you with this!

So, what is Nuun?

We are always active, your water should be too. Leading the way in portable hydration, Nuun has optimal electrolyte levels to make the most of your water. There are a few different kinds of tablets depending on what you are using them for and lots of different flavors. There are 10 tablets in each container that you can easily drop into your water to dissolve.

Nuun Active – hydrates and replenishes, it is packed with electrolytes and using clean ingredients, it is the perfect sports drink for your active lifestyle

Nuun Energy – elevates your hydration with caffeine from green tea extract, B-vitamins and electrolytes; Nuun energy helps to maintain high levels of energy

Nuun Vitamins – you can drink anytime for daily wellness and hydration. Electrolytes aren’t just for exercise, nuun vitamins hydrates better than water alone

Come visit us at IHC to get your tablets!!  Make your water wok for you!
Staff Pick
Metagenics Ultrameal
Dr. Lindsay Heubner
Chiropractor, Acupuncture

UltraMeal as a meal replacement and source of all essential vitamins and minerals.  Good as part of a weight loss program, or just as a healthy snack alternative for people on the go

10% off  for the month of July

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