Issue #3                                                                                       May 8, 2017

ChivalRock Spotlight: 

A few comments--
  • The first few shows of a major production such as the ChivalRock Tour can be very demanding, and Michele has had many priorities besides recording videos. Please be assured, as the tour progresses, we will be posting A LOT more video content! 
  • One of the purposes of this White Knight promotion is to build our email list. The White Knight list currently has nearly 700 subscribers and the general Spirit of Harmony list has about 8500. When Michele and Todd are ready to post information about Toddstock 2018, we will immediately share it with all of you!! 
The Lemon Twigs Conversation: Here's a glimpse of Todd on a call with The Lemon Twigs, on one of the rare days off during the ChivalRock Tour.

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The Spirit of Harmony Foundation advocates for the Moral Imperative of Music Education.

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